valentines day homework.

February 4, 2011

In lieu of Valentines Day next week, my all-time favorite professor-ever-ever-ever-ever x 10 gave us this homework assignment:

Kiss somebody as if you had never kissed them before.

(I. About. Died.)

He reasoned that since he's at least 50 years our senior (he's 71) and probably has enough experience at this point to understand "a little bit more about life,"
he concluded with us in class that there is nothing more important than to experience what we all spend so much time reading and writing and talking about:
And that is love.

He quoted Mr. Cummings (kissing homework and ee cummings in one day? I almost fell off my chair)

And read the following:

i carry your heart with me
i carry it in my heart

i am never without it
anywhere i go
you go


Here is the deepest secret that nobody knows


And this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart

i carry it in my heart

My heart nearly exploded.

And on my way out the door, I considered writing a letter to this professor just to tell him how much I love this class, and in a very important way,
how much more I love life thanks to him, too.

Because truthfully, I doubt I'll get around to kissing someone as if it were my first time this weekend, (my first real kiss kind of cursed my luck since age 15)

But the more I've thought about my 9:30 class yesterday morning, the more I realized that I left at 10:45 with a little bit more love for love.

And that was the perfect homework assignment for Valentines day.


abby | ybba said...

I just read your post on about first kisses... and you asked what was my first kiss was... ohhhhh goshhh.... i wish that i can turn back time and do it ALL OVER AGAIN... or... i wish it just never happen. i guess that you could say that I want to scream on a pillow every time i think about it? it was like this... he walked me home. he asked for a kiss... (i thought first kisses were supposed to be magical with fireworks and all), and we kissed... like a peck. that's it O_o i turned around to walk straight home thinking... that was it!? O_O where's the fireworks!? and his lips were SUPER dry. i felt his skin peeling off of his lips. ekkkk!

and i think it's such a lovely kind of homework to have to kiss someone as if you've never kissed them before! i'll take this as my homework too! hehehe! so who are you choosing!?

Catherine Anne said...

I wish I could have been in this class. It sounds truly fabulous. I am really struggling with being open to opportunities that come my way in the love department. I need to let go of the heartaches. I love the Grey's Anatomy quote in the first kiss post and I love the ee cummings quote...ahhh sooo good. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get to complete your "homework" :)

kelli christine case said...

hey sister. i did a shout out to this post on my blog. haha love your thoughts and i love good professors. i love love!!!!

Caiti said...

I love this post for 2 reasons:
1) i carry your heart with me is my ALL TIME favorite poem...Every time I hear it my soul swells with love.

2) Celebrating love is the most important thing we could ever do

so Thank you to you & to your way awesome prof!

Mary said...

I LOVE this! So fun. I adore ee cummings, and that is a favorite for sure. I can feel the love from here!

Jane Garner said...

This post really melted my heart and made me smile! I wish I had your professor!!! The picture is darling too, I saved it! Old people melt my heart. I love your blog.

adri said...

I looooooove this soo much! I want that professor. Haha, he totally knows what he's talking about. This made my heart all happy and my tummy jittery.

Katrina said...

I want to write a love note to your professor. What an awesome man. LOVED that cummings poem-I'm stealing it. Also, please don't give up on me! We must do something someday. :) I thought about Ruth's the other day and thought how lovely those two evening were. You're wonderful, love's wonderful, life is wonderful.

Brittany said...

Is this the professor you told me about?? I think you're right. I need to take a class from him ASAP. I think that poem is beautiful too.

whimsy said...

ok this just about brought tears to my eyes. no it actually DID bring tears to my eyes. i want to be in this class. it sounds right out of a movie. and i am in love with this poem. right now. ummm still no excuses, i know we met, and i am so happy about it- but girlfran we still need lunch date asap!

Mandy said...

Who is the professor and what is the class?

7upkels said...

Mandy - Professor Walker/British Lit.

One of my favorite classes ever.

Griffin and Gretchen said...

I am in love with that poem and...I could do your homework for you ;) haha

Anonymous said...

i am so happy i could die.

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