why i love my mom.

February 8, 2011

It's not Mothers day, and it's not her birthday, but I still love my mom today.

And I'm so happy because she's coming into town on Thursday, and after emailing her some things we could possibly do while she's here, she responded with the following trip itinerary:

I would like to see some movies, go to the Spoken Word, go to The Chocolate, and Tuilie's Bakery, and the Beehive Tea Room, I would like to go see where you got the Matilda cake and put your note, I might like to go get sandwiches at that one place in Alpine. I would like to get the oven fixed and make a turkey dinner and bake some bread. I would like to go to Walmart and cry at the prices, I would like to go to the Clinique counter and get some face soap. I would like to go to Banana Republic, JCrew and Ann Taylor. That is all. Thank you very much.


My mom is fun,
And I am lucky.


Mandy said...

Cute :) I love your mom too.

Mary said...

Such a cute post!

whimsy said...

oh dear. she sounds amazing. and like so much fun. my favorite part is "thank you very much" and i love that pic!!!!! yay for visits!!!

Catherine Anne said...

Love this. Aren't mothers just some of the greatest friends and advocates given to us on this Earth? We are so lucky. Have a fun time while she's here!

abby | ybba said...

i linked you on my latest blog! read here as to why: http://myteacupsinpeony.blogspot.com/2011/02/its-love-story-valentines-day-party.html ENJOY ^__^

Anonymous said...

hahahaha i love this! i love mom.

a short 2 weeks.

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