hey you.

February 24, 2010

dear sister/ex roommate,

i miss you. i know it's only been 3 days since you've moved, but i miss you.
i miss knowing that you will be sitting at the counter watching michael jackson music videos when i come home.
i miss talking in our bathroom as one of us gets ready for the day (even if it's at 8 at night).
i miss you making us watch hannah montana while we eat sunday dinner.

and even though i might not miss:
checking my closet to see if you stole my sweater,
or checking my stuffed animals to make sure your little boyfriend didn't try eating them again,

i still miss you a lot,
even when you only live 3 minutes down the street from me.

ps. i bet you miss me too.

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(haha just kidding)

Kind-Of Obsessed.

February 23, 2010

With this CD.
(one week to go!)

Some favorites:
Topsy Turvy, Family Force 5
Follow Me, 3Oh!3 ft. Neon Hitch
Painting Flowers, All Time Low
Tea Party, Kerli

and now I'm pretty excited for the movie, too.

although is it just me,
or is alice way too young in the original movie
to even think about getting married?

(just an afterthought: worst. movie. ever.)


February 19, 2010

so, considering it was only a "4-day week"
i realized that it was still rather eventful.

i had 3 seinfield moments. 3.

i made the best mac & cheese meal i've ever had in my life.

i was told that i had a long lost twin by someone i had never met.

and a boy tried breaking up with me, even though we only knew each other for 3 days and went on 2 dates... and technically, only knew each other for 48 hours. yes, thank you very much. thank you, thank you, thank you.

i consider this week a success. yay for fridays. and for "4 day" weeks.

just thinking.

February 18, 2010

Do you ever wake up and wonder,
"Is there going to be something about today that I will always remember?"

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Hotel Room 6214.

February 15, 2010

music videos.
face masks.
night gowns.
pink nail polish.
little mermaid cake.
old love movies.
and a box of chocolates all to myself.

today, i love mondays.

ps. in the second grade i was martha washington in the presidents day play.

"In My Woody I Would Take You Everywhere I Go"

February 13, 2010

reasons why i think i will look back and end up loving
this year:
(even in lack of a valentine)

reason 1. i spent last night at a friends reception.
she looked beautiful, he was beautiful.
and seeing them in love was beautiful, too.

reason 2. i ended up running into the first boy i fell in "love" with (at least that's what we were convinced it was as freshmen in high school). and seeing each other for the first time in years and having the chance to talk about that night on the fence when we were fifteen (and now having the chance to laugh about it) made me smile the rest of the night. and even this morning too.

reason 3. because i think i ate 190,842 chocolate kisses within an hour, and i spent my time planning and imagining what my wedding will look like one day before falling asleep last night.

reason 4.
after waking up this morning, i had small conversation hearts for breakfast.
and i only eat the white ones.
and with a bag all to myself, i got to eat all of them.

reason 5.
because i have and will continue to listen to my current all-time favorite love song for the rest of the weekend:
surfer girl by the beach boys.

and last but not least, reason #6 (because 6 happens to be my lucky number):
right now i am packing for a mini-vacation,
to a destination only 30 minutes away.
but considering me and my other half will go date-less this weekend, we will spend tonight ordering room service, watching love movies and eating a little mermaid cake.

and to think that i kept telling everyone i don't have a valentines this year -
i have plenty.
because i have so many things to be in love with.

happy valentines day
to each and every one of you!

and everything i needed to know, i always learned on the radio.

February 10, 2010

"our fault is being human,
mistakes are everywhere,
i am sorry for ever being unkind
or acting like i didn’t care.
there’s one sad truth in life i’ve found,
after traveling from east to west;
the only people we really wound
are those who we love best.
so let me end by saying one thing:
I love you, I love you, I do,
you’re my best friend, you make me happy
and I want to do the same for you.
ps. and if this apology does not suffice,
i will make you a thousand plates of chicken and rice."

the end.

and yes, the poem above was written by me a few years ago.
it is the equivalent of second grade english, i know.

i found this tonight on my computer,
and after totally forgetting about it,
(my poetic ability may not have been such a bad thing to forget)
i was reminded of one very wonderful thing:
i am grateful for love,
and for the love that always allows forgiveness.

i realize that i am far from perfect,
in fact i always will be.
but there are those who love me,
who love me despite my imperfectness,
and a certain someone who loved me even
after receiving this tragic poem,
and after eating one-too-many plates of my specialty:
chicken and rice.

and then i think of all the others in my life,
who, for some reason, still love me too.

and that makes me very grateful for love this year.


February 8, 2010

homework is my husband.

i wish i was there.
swimming in jeans.
and playing with friends.

at least it's a sunny monday.

why these thoughts might matter.

February 4, 2010

"How can I tell what I think
till I see what I say?"

-E.M. Forster

i feel the same way, E.M. Forster;
that's why i write,
and that's maybe why i matter.


February 3, 2010

Someday, I'm going to be brave,
And I will walk up to you and say,
"Hello, nice to meet you. My name is..."
Someday, I really will.

Someday, I'm going to say what I mean,
Instead of what I think they want to hear.
Someday, I promise I will.

Someday, I'm going to do what I love.
Someday, I'm going to know what that is.

One day,
I'm going to stop using the word: "Someday."

Love Maps.

February 1, 2010

Sometimes, on Sunday nights, we get a group of friends together
and talk about whats most important to us.

Other times, (like January 31sts) we like to get that same group of friends together, and create love maps.

there are a few of us who happen to be single during this month of love, and last night as we had another great discussion over
dr. peppers and club crackers,
we came up with the idea of a love map.

whether it be entering the forest of conversation or finding out their favorite color, we each created 5 (or in some cases) 9 steps to win the love of our lives.

figure 1 A: (will remain anonymous)

Figure 1 B: (will also remain anonymous) *

[click on image to enlarge]

now, before you judge us, (or more specifically me)
just remember that we've all been there before;
and, afterall, its the month of love isn't it?
drastic times call for drastic measures.

and even though we drew these maps just for fun**
(and even though i really would love to arrive
"at the land of promise" with so-and-so)
i realize that i have already won the
hearts of those who are the most important to me,
and they happen to be my [insert: dorky, nerdy, weird]
but amazing friends.

and i thought that was something worth mentioning.


*please note on Figure 1 B that "cuddle" is spelled with a k and "watching scienfield" is a prerequisite for marriage - again, how can i not love my friends?

**there may or may not be a wager for those who successfully cross off one of their steps of love within the next 28 days.

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