i'm getting married in the morning.

June 20, 2012

I'm getting married tomorrow, in what I learned today is one of the most special places on this earth, the temple. I am so happy it almost hurts, and can't imagine this all turning out any other way. I'm so grateful.

So for one last night here in my home, I'll pack for a honeymoon, and vicariously make cookies with my parents, while Father of the Bride plays on TV.

I'm so happy.


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engagements - (us!)

June 18, 2012

Last night Max and I talked on the phone, like we usually do, right before we went to bed. I made sure to remind him that we needed to get our marriage license in the morning, and he asked me to make sure he picked sea sickness patches and a toothbrush at WalMart.

In the middle of all that, for some reason, I was reminded of myself six years ago: sitting in my bedroom, trying to whisper over the phone because my sister slept in the room next to mine.  For as long as I can remember, my nightly conversations with Max have been a part of every day. I remember one conversation in particular, though, talking about life after high school when we were only 17. We talked about what we wanted to be one day, where we planned on going to school, what we planned on doing, and most of all how we planned on living: seeing something, being something, doing something. We talked about our futures.

It's crazy to me to think that six years later, "that future" that I so often dreamed about and tentatively planned on is here. And it's with Max. And for the first time last night, amidst all the planning and commotion over the last few weeks and months, I felt so at peace. I could have never chosen anything or anyone better, or could have possibly wished that night on the phone so many years ago, for anything more.

To still be so madly, madly in love with someone who has always remained my very best friend, no matter the ups and downs and sideways growing up together inevitably brings, words will never be enough.

The future was really never as far off as I thought it would be, and now that "it's here" I couldn't be more grateful and excited for it to be with the boy I always hoped it would be.


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father of the bride.

June 17, 2012

Dear Dad,

Thank you for being my best friend.

Thank you for always making cinnamon and sugar toast before we watched a movie; for always making sure we listened to Christmas music all season long, (and for making us watch West Side Story even though we'd always complain.)

Thank you for raising us to believe potato chips were cancerous :) (haha) and for taking us to Arctic Circle for ice cream on Friday nights.

Thank you for sitting me down in your den, asking me on Sunday afternoons how things were going in my life. Thank you for always being interested, and never too busy to listen.

Thank you for coming into my bedroom and saying goodnight all those years I lived at home. Thank you texting me from far away to do the same thing :) Thank you for loving me, supporting me, and listening. Thank you for letting me know what matters most, by caring about those very same things yourself.

Thank you for being someone who I'd want to grow up and be like; and most especially, thank you for being someone who set a standard of what I would always look for in a husband one day, too.

You're the best kind of dad a girl could ask for, and I could never thank you enough. I love you more than you could possibly know.


When I think of my dad, I always think of the quote I once heard in the movie, The Happiest Millionaire, "When I was little, I used to think my dad was the smartest man I knew. But since I've grown older, I'm much, much wiser - because now I know he is."

Happy Fathers day to my hero and best friend and to my dad, I love you.

blast from the past.

June 15, 2012

I almost died when I found this picture a few days ago. If I had been told at sixteen that the boy taking me to my homecoming dance would be the boy I'd end up marrying, I probably would have died. (of happiness of course).

On a side note, I absolutely love the stone wall/balcony/ocean background too. What is it exactly? I don't know. Classy Spanish Fork at its best.

engagements - detail shots

June 14, 2012

When it came to our engagement pictures, we mostly just wanted to create something similar to our first date. Although we clearly did not have cupcakes with milk and mason jars, (think: subway sandwiches and bulk candy instead) -- our picnic in a lot of ways made me feel like I was 16 again (in a good way :)

What was really special, though, was the fact that most everything we used in these pictures belonged to Max's dad, who passed away while Max was on his mission two years ago. One of my first memories I have at the Bingham home is of Max's dad showing me his smurf collection, and giving me old antique costume jewelry which I still have saved in my memory box :) Going through boxes and boxes of these things a few weeks ago seriously felt like treasure hunting! So it was a lot of fun for us to have so many memories of his dad that day, and in all of our pictures, too.

And last but not least, thanks a million to Robin and Sara. None of this could have been done without them! I may even name my first born after them both: sarobin. And if its a boy? robara.

bridal shower.

June 7, 2012

Last night the Christensen side of my family hosted a beautiful bridal shower and I couldn't have been more grateful to my generous Aunt Alyse who hosted us in her home, which is truthfully eons better than anything I've ever seen in a magazine or Parade of Homes, (or Pinterest for that matter). I think I've asked her a dozen times to design my own home one day.

Thanks to all my aunts and cousins and family who came, and of course to my two kindredest (?) spirits, Kylie and Sara -- who were just as enamored with everything as I was. Mainly the orange rolls. But don't worry, my aunt has her own published recipe book (amazing) with the recipe inside. We know what we'll be baking for the rest of our lives.


2 weeks :)


June 5, 2012

Reading at the park
Playing with baby Knox
Dippin dots! (these always remind me of Lagoon)
Registering - SO fun, I wish I could do it again!
Monday night baseball games,
The last of the announcements,
(with one specifically addressed to the White House!)

Lately, I wouldn't have life any other way.


And for any of you(!) who would like an announcement, please email me your address because I'd love to send you one :) kelsiec123@gmail.com

As for Mr. and Mrs. Obama... I read that if you send an announcement to the White House, they will write you back! So I addressed one this morning to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave... this is clearly something worth checking.

married august 25th, 1953

June 3, 2012

My sweet (and by that, I mean my favorite) Aunt Cindy gave me a few of these pictures of my Grandma and Grandpa Christensen a few months ago when my Grandpa passed away. Sometimes when I look at them, I wish that I would have been able to spend more of my evenings sitting in their living room, listening to my grandpa tell stories, while my grandma (always) busied herself in the kitchen cooking something for us both. When Elder Holland spoke at his funeral, he referred to my grandpa as being "the man that the word gentleman was created for." I miss him so much, and I can't wait to see him again someday.

The past few days I've caught myself looking over these pictures more, too. I just haven't been able to get over how beautiful they are! I'm convinced my grandma and grandpa had to have been the best looking couple back at the Y all those years ago :) And their wedding... goodness gracious! I don't think anybody could have looked or have been more lovely on their wedding day than these two.  They look so in love... that's my favorite part.

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