secret santa tonight

December 21, 2013

(jared's face in this picture has made the rest of my life complete)

Friendsgiving, #DisneyCruise2015, Anne Frank the cat, mission stories, marriage stories, "shelfish" -
I married my best friend, so best I can't explain it. But when you get your best friend and married friends and high school friends all together, that's best too.

So we had a "Secret Santa night" with lots of yummy food and white elephant gifts and Evan reading us 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by the fireplace. And the holidays always feel special with the falling snow and English toffee, but it will never beat the feeling when everyone is together. Hope your holidays (and weekend) are filled with the people you love too!

date night

December 9, 2013

Max and I stopped by a cafĂ© down the street from us after several of our neighbors had said that they make the best peppermint hot chocolate. Originally we had planned to get it to go, but we ended up sitting in our little booth for three hours talking until the restaurant closed. I think it won my favorite Friday night of the year.

yesterday a day i will not repeat

December 4, 2013

The last twenty four hours has nearly been the death of me. Christmas shopping craziness, running out of gas and running to the gas station/taking a bus back to the car, missing the temple session with our friends because of aforementioned gas problem, car battery dying (two car problems in one day??), in tears over almost everything and slipping on ice in the Kneaders parking lot. You know, basically life.

And I swear it's always just like this, because it never spreads out over a few days (or weeks) but instead it just comes down all at once. When it rains, it pours my friends. Or in this case, snows. I guess it's a good thing I have an umbrella in my car.

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