my box of cookies.

June 30, 2010

you know it's been a bad day when:

- you find yourself laying on the bathroom (tile) floor at midnight eating a box of girl scout cookies with no motivation whatsoever to walk 12 feet and get into bed.


- you know things will always inevitably look better in the morning when you're eating that same box of girl scout cookies for breakfast, and for some reason, everything suddenly makes sense.

just a thought.

June 28, 2010

live up to your expectations,
not down to your doubts.

i'm getting married in the morning.

June 24, 2010

after spending a summer evening at the park,
with four couples on my right hand side,
and one on my left,

my opinion of being single in the summertime changed.

but only for a second.

ps. i was attacked by a leech and a rattlesnake within the last 7 days.
the fact that i'm still alive and well is a miracle.

pss. toy story 3 = amazing.
the family i went with = more amazing.

ps^3. happy thursday.

it's officially official.

June 20, 2010

ruth's diner is the most wonderful place in utah.
& i've always thought disneyland was so magical -
but i learned last night
that eating under any form of twinkle lights,
in the summertime,
with your friends,
is even better.

as for fathers day...
i have the coolest dad in the world,
who (luckily) was able to be in town for fathers day this year.
our time together so far has included a lemonade picnic,
and staying up late just so i can talk about boys,
so he can try to explain them.

life is good.

decisions, decisions.

June 15, 2010

I've been daydreaming about these
J.Crew swimsuits for months now,
and yesterday when I realized that it's already June,
I decided it's about time I finally buy one!

But when I went online to make my purchase,
I had a hard time deciding between the blue and the pink --


June 13, 2010

i don't pretend to know much about sports,
because i can really only follow games
by what the scoreboards say...

but i was a pretty happy girl when the celtics won tonight.


daily affirmation.

June 10, 2010

i know that 99% of you have probably already seen this video,
but i just watched it today and decided that this little routine is something i'd like to start doing every morning before i head to work. dancing on the bathroom counter and all.

so cute.

charlie st. cloud

June 8, 2010

my dreamy boyfriend is starring in this movie,
coming to theaters july 30th (52 days & counting)

i saw a preview for charlie st. cloud
for the first time yesterday,
and after seeing the trailer...
he has been worth day dreaming about ever since.

the time machine.

June 6, 2010

(*pictured above: the time machine control panel found on board.
*pictured below: a blurry view of the time machine in all its glory)

last time when i mentioned that my time machine wasn't working...
i really wasn't kidding.

this genuine, handcrafted time transporter 360 is the perfect way to escape for the evening, and best of all: it's ran completely on bubbles.

when you step aboard, take notice that the control panel allows you to set any month, day and year, and with the press of a button, off you go!

but don't forget: you must wear your personalized tinfoil hat and 3-D goggles during any time of travel - just in case of an extraterrestrial encounter. you can also find a bag full of skittles (we didn't have any reeses pieces) - just in case, too.

we also crafted this machine to be able to receive all cellular service (note: t-mobile isn't the greatest) but in case a need arises for an emergency landing, you can always make a phone call.

now for those of you wondering what inspired our time machine:
i don't know what it is about 2010,
(or maybe it's just growing up in general)
but time is going by faster and faster and then... even faster.
it really feels like just yesterday i was a high school graduate,
and now i'm preparing for my senior year in college.

and although i like being a "grown up" - or at least feeling a little grown up,
for one night it was really fun to just be a kid again.

*one final note: the time machine is a manual. this is pretty important information for the driver.

ping pong.

June 3, 2010

i haven't been around (or at least haven't had the time)
to say much lately,
because after having to cancel our little getaway last weekend,
i've been in and out of hospitals/emergency rooms/doctor appointments with my little sister the past few days.

i spent this morning thumbing through my journal and read over an entry from last summer describing an afternoon i had in
new york city.

"after strolling through the library,
we drank lemonade in bryant park
and then played a few rounds of ping pong."

and right now,
that's all i really feel like doing.

too bad my time machine isn't working at the moment.

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