ping pong.

June 3, 2010

i haven't been around (or at least haven't had the time)
to say much lately,
because after having to cancel our little getaway last weekend,
i've been in and out of hospitals/emergency rooms/doctor appointments with my little sister the past few days.

i spent this morning thumbing through my journal and read over an entry from last summer describing an afternoon i had in
new york city.

"after strolling through the library,
we drank lemonade in bryant park
and then played a few rounds of ping pong."

and right now,
that's all i really feel like doing.

too bad my time machine isn't working at the moment.


emily said...

nyc is sort of mysterious and fun like that. i hope things work out and you get to getaway after all...

Marcus Morrison said...

kels.. hospitals? i hope everything is ok! and yes i hope to be seeing you soon! it has been quite some time!

p.s. i dont care much for ping pong, i always lose ;)

♥Aubrey said...

I'm sooo sorry!!!
Hope things turn better soon. You need to play PING-PING :-)

Mary Cee said...

that sounds like such an incredible and perfect day afternoon! i hope you can get to a ping pong table soon!

Brittany said...

some of my favorite memories include ping pong, so i feel like i can relate.

i'm so sorry that your week has been stressful. i hope everything is turning out ok!

Michelle said...

oh no! I'm sorry to hear about all of that, I hope she gets better soon!

And that your summer gets better too! You'll create more memories that are better than those from NY last summer

Gabby said...

I hope everything is or will be okay soon!

Mandy said...

That was fun.

Is everything okay with Ken? I'm here if you need me.

Erny said...

Hope everything will turn out OK and that you'll get to have a real vacation soon.

Ping pong in NYC? Nice. :)

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