May 28, 2010

youth had been a habit of hers 
for so long 
that she could not part with it.

-rudyard kippling


i'm off to vacation for memorial day weekend!
wishing sunshine for myself,
and for all of you too!


Erny said...

have a great time!

Kris said...

What a beautiful post. The combination of the photo and Kippling quote is quite stunning...

Enjoy your weekend!

Mandy said...

Wherever you are going... Have a lot of fun. We'll picnic when you return?


adri. said...

I love that quote. This post draw my attention, because I just watched the movie "Hook" the other night. It totally reminded me how cool of a story Peter Pan is. Hope you had a great memorial day! :)

Brittany said...

i really like this and i hope your long weekend was wonderful!

whimsy said...


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