hot date.

August 31, 2010

he's great on the radio,
but 23,495,394,853,085,039
(multiplied by infinity) times better in concert.

so yes, i paid $39.50 to have a date with johnathan mayer tonight.

...and the moon

August 26, 2010

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?Oscar Wilde

mr. wilde, we think alike.

feeling like fall

August 24, 2010

i actually had to wear my sweater last night while we were swinging on the swing set in his grandma's backyard yard,
talking to each other about our summer.

for the first time, it felt like fall was setting in.

and even though i might already miss my carefree summer days,
and promising summer nights,
i'm almost, maybe, kind of excited...
at least to start wearing my sweaters again.
or at least for our "summer cremation" tonight.
(but i guess i'll explain all of that tomorrow)

dear tomorrow,

August 20, 2010

please let me sleep in as long as i want.
and please let me have blueberry muffins for breakfast at noon.
and please let there be a lot of sunshine.

that's all.

wedding dresses.

August 19, 2010

as long as i can jump on the bed in my wedding dress,
any wedding dress will do.

*first two photos vera wang
third photo via

chasing summer.

August 18, 2010

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"The Endless Summer" was a documentary that came out in 1966,
which follows two young surfers who basically "chase summer"
around the world for an entire year.

When I first heard about this movie, I was sitting in a diner in California and decided that instead of making my trip back home to Utah, I would instead, forget finals and chase summer.
(common sense usually gets the best of me though,
and the end of this story is: I ended up driving back home to Utah)

I forgot about this movie until the other day,
and now that my summer is really coming to an end,
I've decided that,
(at least when money and school don't get in the way)
I will be chasing summer one day.

Until then, my never-ending
summertime soundtrack will have to do.

a star gazing picnic.

August 12, 2010

we started this little tradition at the beginning of summer,
and i have to say it's been one of my most favorite activities...
of all time.

and so after learning that there just so happens to be a
meteor shower visible in northern america for the next three days,
those of you who know me,
know very well what my weekend plans will include:
a homemade star gazing summer guide,
(wishing 101).
a picnic basket filled with fortune cookies.
paper towel telescopes.
my little radio.
and lets not forget all the wishes you could ever make
on as many shooting stars as you'd like.

honestly, what more do you need?

"i shall not pass this way again"

August 11, 2010

"In such rare splendor that my heart, Would ache from scenes like these to part."
-Eva Rose York

i read this the other day,
and i think i feel the same way just a little too much.

photo via.

Morey's Pier.

August 10, 2010

recently added to the list of things to do before i die:
eat dinner on top of a ferris wheel at
morey's pier in wildwood new jersey.
because it's actually possible.

(side note: they actually only serve breakfast,
but i have a good feeling that one of these days they'll make the change from breakfast to dinner,
if only to accommodate my dying wish)

usually, i'm not a huge fan of heights --
but the idea of sitting in a ferris wheel,
eating dinner,
looking out over the ocean,
(perhaps with a significant other)
is enough to sign me up.

but since i live 2,169 miles away,
i heard the county fair is coming to town next week,
so in the meantime -- caramel apples will have to do.

ps. can you imagine having a ferris wheel at your wedding
reception like this couple?


August 4, 2010

so i went to see charlie st. cloud last night,
and although i want to be a supportive zac efron girlfriend,
i must say i wasn't a fan.
at all.

i saw a trailer for the movie flipped
and i think it looks like something i will end up loving.
a lot.

my little girlfriend thelma.

August 3, 2010

at times, this blog feels more like a journal,
and because i have no time to keep up with either,
i will combine them both,
just for today.

to whom it may concern:

before 2010,
fall has always been my favorite --
but last night i changed my mind...
especially when i realized that this summer
might be the last of its kind.

growing up for me is always hard to do,
(and change has never been my middle name)
and now that summer is slowing down and coming to an end,
it almost breaks my heart to see it go.

but no matter how much changes before summer 2011,
at least i can count on my little beach cruiser girlfriend thelma.

she'll always stick around for my summertime bike rides.

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