i love love love.

September 23, 2010

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.
"and we don't got many romantic things to say,
but they stir my heart."

well if this isn't the cutest thing i ever did see, i don't know what is.

and what is it about me lately that makes me so gosh darn excited for my own wedding one day? is it possibly because i live in provo, utah? the most-likely-to-be-married-before-you're-22 capitol of the world? is it because i go to byu, and am reminded of it every day? is it because i spend most nights talking about being in love with my darlingest best friend in the entire world? even when it's two in the morning and our alarm clocks will be going off in t-minus 5 hours? oh, possibly.

but i'm engaged to be in love today, even if it's just for the day.

ps. brandon (the cute book delivery boy) made another delivery today. i thought about showing him this video... maybe next time.

just because.

September 22, 2010

my $6 dollar thermos from walmart makes me happy.

that is all.
thank you.
and goodnight.

mi familia.

September 21, 2010

see those two good looking people?
they are my parents.
and when they're not deep sea fishing in fiji,
or traveling to remote islands in the south pacific by boat,
they like to stop by every now and then, and say hi to me and my kid sister.

(...just kidding. sometimes i think they actually like being home with us more than they like living in new zealand.)

and today?
today i get to see them.
and i am so, so, so happy.

my boyfriend's back.

September 20, 2010

with season 2 of the buried life starting soon --
i debated on whether or not i should take down the zac efron poster hanging above my bed,
because my boyfriend is back and his name is duncan penn.
he happens to be the cute blond boy on the left hand side of the picture.
i love him
and i love this show.

as for glee?
tuesday can't come fast enough.

another little memory.

September 16, 2010

Summer Twenty Ten. from Kelsie Christensen on Vimeo.

this little film (although now it seems more like a documentary) was made for my special friends to remind us of summer 2010. since i was just barely able to finish it last night, watching it now makes me feel like this past summer was ages ago (when in reality i just unofficially declared it to be "fall" a few days ago) -- but because one day we'll be "old and senile," and because every one of us might just go off onto our separate ways in the world, this was worth posting for the sake of another hundred memories: thelma and eleanor, thomas jefferson, crush soda, 3oh!3, cafe west, konstantine, and of course, my best friends.

"witches boots"

September 15, 2010

i still remember the days when going to the mall was a living nightmare,
but that was a long, long, long time ago.
now it seems like whenever i have a free afternoon,
or my morning schedule clears up,
(if i could) i'd only give myself the following option:

--and it definitely didn't help when my little sister showed me ruche online last night. these outfits make me crave fall even more. (and although there are certain friends who say those shoes look like witches boots, i am still loving them.)

first unofficial day of fall.

September 12, 2010

if i hadn't decided last minute to wear my knee high socks, i don't think yesterday would have been as perfect as it was. but then again, french toast, picking out old black and white movies in the library, snacking on peppermint sticks with mr kindred spirit himself, setting up a tent without instructions, telling ghost stories with caramel popcorn, and mainly smiling so much that my cheeks hurt all day, all went a long way, too.

when we woke up yesterday morning, we decided to declare the day as the first unofficial day of fall -- and all that originally meant was that we were going to wear sweaters and listen to christmas music 4 months too early -- but in the end, that happened to be one of the best decisions i've made in a long time.

and love yourself so more than truly.

September 10, 2010

those mornings when i wake up either a little too early or a little too late, (like today)
or when all i really feel like doing is burying myself back in my blankets, (especially today)
there is a remedy i have found while reading one of my personal favorites, mr ee cummings.

"may my heart always be open to little birds
who are the secrets of living

whatever they sing is better than to know

and if men should not hear them men are old
and even if it's sunday may i be wrong

for whenever men are right they are not young

and may myself do nothing usefully
and love yourself so more than truly"

even though the poem doesn't end here, i have a hard time continuing on with the lines that follow, because i love that final thought more than anything,
to"love yourself so more than truly."

i woke up needing to remind myself that today is going to be a good day,
but ee cummings did that for me.

crisscross applesauce.

September 9, 2010

a few items of non-note.

a few weeks ago i met a friend of a friend, and i think this friend of a friend was meant to be my best friend. last night while eating ice cream he said, "crisscross applesauce" and when i say i just knew that we were meant to be kindred spirits, i really just knew.

school this fall semester of 2010:
dear classes, i love you.
but homework? i could still live without you.

sharing feelings is hard to do - especially in my case. and to be honest, i really don't know why, because i know this un-talent of mine will never get me anywhere in life. but i finally gathered up my courage and took a stab at it the other night.
scariest thing ever.
best feeling ever.
all at the same time.
who knew?

it's my mother's birthday today, (although since my parents live in new zealand right now, it was her yesterday) but either way - this is a special shout out, so here we go. happy birthday mother dearest. i love you this <----------------> (etc, etc, etc) much! and since you happen to be the only immediate family member i have who actually takes the time to read this blog of mine, let me take an extra minute to tell you that you are someone who i admire and adore in every way possible. you always make me want to do better than i did the day before, and you are by far the best mom to bring boys home for dinner to.

two people made my day today, just by taking a minute out of their day to say hi. and from now on, i've resolved that i'm going to do the same thing and say hi to the people that i see. just by acknowledging someone, you give yourself a chance to make a difference.

--and as for the boy who just walked into the office to deliver some books...brandon (i believe) was your name?
please be the boy who delivers the books next time.
and the time after that, too.


take me back.

September 7, 2010

although i'm trying to get back into the swing of things, i'm still missing california. hiking to the hollywood sign, riding the ferris wheel at santa monica pier, seeing dolphins for the first time in my life and eating a turkey and cheese sandwich at ruby's diner was better than what i had already imagined it would be.

the main highlight though, was either playing in the ocean at sunset or our gondola ride through huntington harbor. being serenaded in italian while sailing with our cute, cute, cute gondolier was exactly what i needed after my summer ending, and one too many things changing -- and it feels like i stole a little piece of heaven while i was there, and then carried it all the way home with me.

On My Way to CA.

September 2, 2010

Kite flying, book reading, beach playing.
Best friends, no money, and a weekend in California is all I really need after this (semi-stressful, yet still successful) first week of school.

I'm starting the weekend early.

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