Someone Just Brought Me Cookies

May 14, 2008

"Someone just brought me cookies. And I didn’t do one thing to deserve them," So begins the very first blog of a Kelsie Christensen Korver (for now at least, my desired last name changes on a day to day basis).

Before I begin on this marvelous experience of mine, I will give you a background of today, May the 14th (which is in your best interest) so that you (the reader) can receive the full effect of this splendid story that inspired to me to begin a blog.

I came to work expecting another routine day. Sit down at the computer, and wait. Wait for the phone to ring. Wait for a guest I can greet with the friendly ‘hello’s’ and ‘how are you’s’. Ashamed to admit, I also wait for the newest writing on my wall... (for those of you who have a life, that is in reference to Facebook)...In a nutshell, I mainly just wait for the clock to tick, as I listen to the wonderfulness of John Mayer which seem to make the minutes pass about half a second faster so 4:59 PM rolls around sooner than later. (Oscar Wilde once said "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." And after my statement above, he can rightfully accuse me of the same thing today).

Anyway, the point is it was just another day at work.

But I was wrong.

As I simply just sat at my desk directing the incoming traffic of people to their desired destinations in this rather plain and monotonous office building, I was surprised when a pleasant looking man in a blue collared shirt strolls up to the desk with a gracious smile and a plate full of cookies. He asks where he can find a Megan, and as I direct him to the third floor, I call extension 6105 to notify this Megan of this visitor. Moments - or we'll say minutes (for the sake of this posts theme which seems to be time) pass, and this man walks down the stairway, smiles and bids me a good day as he walks out the door; after smiling in response and wishing him the same, I get back to work... BUT, just as it was beginning to go on as an ordinary day, I hear the door open, and this blue collared man walks back up to my desk and hands me another plate full of warm chocolate chip cookies... (my first thought is he must really love to bake)... and as he wishes me a good day, he smiles a most magnificent smile which was much brighter the third time around and walks out the same way he entered.

Receiving those cookies this morning, reminded me of the feeling you get when you unexpectedly pull the last petal off a daisy fulfilling your secret wish that "he loves me"; it fills you with hope, as did this plate full of cookies... small and insignificant as that plate of cookies may have been considering power or politics, I realized it is the smallest acts that will fill us with hope ...hope that a world of crime, hate, and violence, isn't as bad as the evening news makes it out to be.

Today someone just brought me cookies, and I didn't do one thing to deserve them. If there is something to be learned by all this (besides not to wear white when you have chocolate around) it is this: it isn't by chance that we were put on this earth with 6,602,224,175 other people.

A life worth living, is only worth living for others.

Think about it.

And then maybe bake some cookies.

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