August 4, 2010

so i went to see charlie st. cloud last night,
and although i want to be a supportive zac efron girlfriend,
i must say i wasn't a fan.
at all.

i saw a trailer for the movie flipped
and i think it looks like something i will end up loving.
a lot.


MyLittlePhotographs said...

Yes, Flipped looks fantastic. too bad you didn't enjoy Charlie St. Cloud:( I haven't seen it yet, but I might wait til' it comes out on dvd.

Mandy said...

You didn't like Charlie? I thought it looked really predictable, but for a Zac Efron lover like you that's pretty surprising.

Flipped looks cute. I'm excited for it.

Jane Garner said...

oh my gosh i smiled the whole way through this trailor! adorable.

Michelle said...

ummm AMAZING. I am sooo looking forward to that movie now. Like seriously. Already in love. If not for the costumes/ time period, because of the cute cute story.

soooo glad you blogged about this!! so darn excited.

....maybe too excited?

Sara said...

I'd love to see that, too!

andrea said...

It looks super cute and funny!

Annah said...

I must see this!

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