June 5, 2012

Reading at the park
Playing with baby Knox
Dippin dots! (these always remind me of Lagoon)
Registering - SO fun, I wish I could do it again!
Monday night baseball games,
The last of the announcements,
(with one specifically addressed to the White House!)

Lately, I wouldn't have life any other way.


And for any of you(!) who would like an announcement, please email me your address because I'd love to send you one :)

As for Mr. and Mrs. Obama... I read that if you send an announcement to the White House, they will write you back! So I addressed one this morning to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave... this is clearly something worth checking.


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

ahha. I adore that you sent one to the White House! can't wait to hear the results on the letter back. and I love those invitations! which means, I should probably send you my address. so cute. oh and Knox. cute too. does he come with the invite?

kylee said...

dippin dots remind me of lagoon too! oh hey freakin adorable wedding announcements. i'm not surprised though, i knew they would be the cutest thing i saw all year. i honestly can't remember if i already emailed you my address so i'm going to email it again, you know just to be safe because i really want one of those in real life. i sure think you & your man are as cute as cute gets.

Susie Q said...

Kelsie, you are so adorable. I LOVE your announcements. How cute are you sending one to President O!

Learning With Susie Q

Anonymous said...

hahaha the white house.
too bad it wasn't george bush in there ;)

andrea said...

your announcements are really cute! where did you guys end up registering? my fiance and i are trying to decide on that still haha

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