if we drive all night we can make it by the morning.

February 10, 2011

california love. from Kelsie Christensen on Vimeo.

it's hard to believe that nearly six months ago i was driving to california leaving my summer behind. i made a mini movie (as usual) of the trip, except it's just about the longest video in the world -- but for the friends who were all a part of it, i thought they might find it kind of fun to see.

as for me, i'm kind of wanting to go back on vacation.
like, tomorrow.
especially considering the cold weather,
especially considering all 4 midterms that wiped me out this past week,
and especially especially considering the new car waiting outside for me. with a sunroof.

now i just need the sun.


Jodie Eileen ツ said...

I would like to tell you that you and your friends are a huge inspiration to me! :) i love your videos.

Jane Garner said...

kid you not, my friends and i have a video of us on a roadtrip, at wendys, trying to frown while eating a frosty. too weird. but i'm with you, i'd kill for a vacation. and i'm jealous that you have a car with a sunroof.

abby | ybba said...

that looks like so much fun!! hey you guys seem like california girls! you guys should just live over there ^__^ it's fun {:

Caiti said...

You all are too CUTE!!

Catherine Anne said...

New car with a sunroof? So j.* I love the video, looks so fun! I'm wanting to head to Cali right now too. I'm hoping to go over Spring Break...sigh.

(*So jealous haha)

adri said...

I thougth she said cinnamon belts, and not melts, good thing I realized this before I went to mcdonalds and ordered some! :) Haha such a cute video.

Anonymous said...

trip to disneyland?????
i think YES!

Clark said...

I don't know how I came across your blog, but I enjoy it. Roadtrip videos can't be beat. Well done on yours.

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