January 2, 2012

I will always be grateful for 2011. Sometimes I can hardly believe that 2010 was just the year before last, because so much has changed. We kid around, but we often make the joke that this year we were forced to grow up. I kind of think it's true.

I am grateful for a year that brought so much change, even for the parts that weren't perfectly perfect or what I was planning on (at the very least...) Because seeing my best friend after two years, and petting kangaroos and koalas with two parents who became more like two best friends was worth all the up and downs in between. Learning more of who I
thinkbelieve I am through friends, family, school, chances and opportunities (missed or taken) and understanding life better by bike riding and forgetting our cares, or sitting with those same friends realizing that life just got so much bigger than ourselves... and then knowing that although any of it may not get any easier from this point onward, it definitely gets more and more rewarding, and I only become more and more grateful.

I am most excited for 2012, though. I have been for a few reasons, but I decided that if the world is going to end anyway next December 21st (just like it was last May 15th?), I better make the most of it.

So cheers to a wonderful and magnificent, exciting, imperfect but perfect and happy year! And cheers to another 365 days beginning... now.


Emily Meyerhoffer said...

I have loved reading your blog this past year, it really is my very favorite one out there. I'm so excited for this upcoming year for you, and hope that it is everything you're hoping for.

Happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

kels, this blog makes me really REALLY happy.
2011 was the best year of them all.
i can't wait for 2012!

and a few of the events i know will be happening this year as well ;)

love you.
p.s. you know that restaurant by cheesecake factory? the brio tuscan grill or whatever? we went for dinner and kels we HAVE TO GO TOGETHER! so good. so so good. love love love love love you.

Brittany said...

Happy New Year! Can't wait to see what 2012 brings (especially for you)!

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