October 9, 2010

Tonight has been the first night I have been able to walk outside of doors and associate with the human race. I wouldn't be lying if I said that I feel almost as happy as these kids in this video.

But really.
Remember how I once mentioned that Christmas commercials make me cry?
Add Disney commercials to the list, too.
(Good thing I am already planning another trip back this winter --
and you better believe that D.Land is exactly where I plan on spending my honeymoon one day too.)

Anyway, it's good to be good again.
And that is all.


Sara said...

You are so nice to me!
I also (on a very unrelated note) just felt like giving you a hug. So virtual hug to you!

Erny said...

excellent, heartwarming commercial. thanks for sharing. love it!

abby | ybba said...

yay! i'm so glad that you're feeling better :} freaking hate staying at home all the time. i totally understand if you felt so happy that you were able to go outside with the human race again.

ohhhh and disneyland is so awesome. gosh, i wanna go there on my birthday .

katrina said...

okay i need to go to disneyland right now. that video got me. i went to disneyland the day i got engaged and the day before i got married. so i fully support you honeymooning in disneyland.

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