checking in.

October 14, 2010

hello, bonjour, konichiwa. just checking in.
i'm alive and well and somehow found a way to survive this past week even though it's been one constant thing after another.

-- and did i forget to mention?

because of my death-bed-like-illness last week, i became super dehydrated (that's what i get for not listening to my dad about drinking enough water) -- and my whole face swelled up and got really puffy thanks to the lack of h2o. so consequently, i've looked like the walking, talking sloth. i guess my halloween costume has been settled.

but life goes on and so do i. and thursday nights are pizza nights because sarbear is the only friend i have who finds consuming 3,483 calories after one intense 2 1/2 hour english class as rewarding as i do.

but that's about it.

cheerio my good people.


Mandy said...

I am sorry you got so sick :(

I hope pizza night is fun! p.s. which english class?

Brittany said...

Girl, I'm sorry about your terrible week. BUT, glad you're feeling a little better. And Tuesday sounds perfect. I have work at 11:30? Noon?

Erny said...

this is awful. drink lots of water, OK? rest well and get better soon!

Sara said...

I am glad you're finally getting better! I really am :)

And wow, I am so glad my post made you feel this way, I honestly am!!

abby | ybba said...

guess who's not feeling well this week :[ me... looks like we traded places ! but im sure glad that you're up and running again!

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