October 7, 2010

i was wrong.
there really is something worse than alka-seltzer,
and that is the doctor telling you that you have swine flu
and that you'll probably be out sick for another week.
another week? another seven whole days of this?
i felt like fainting.

i try to stay as happy as i can on this little thing,
and most days (even not so great ones)
i can usually work with optimism --
but today (and the past 7+ days)
being sick and stressed,
and having all the time in the world to think about the many, many, many (etc etc etc x etc etc etc) other things that have gone amiss, i realized my life sort of turned into a disaster over the past month.
so even though i usually try to leave my bad days and sad experiences to my journal,
today i'd just like to say that life is hard, but i can do hard things.


Sara said...

Oh dear, I will pray for you. Please do take care of yourself and take the time to reflect and relax

syd and spence said...

i'm so sorry. i got the swine flu last year and it was horrible. drink lots and watch lots of good movies! thats what i did! get better soon.

Jodie Eileen ツ said...

I hope you getting better soon!

Michelle said...

yuck! But it will be over soon-ish. I think mono would suck too because it takes so long to get better!

But you are so right. You can do hard things.

abby | ybba said...

i sure hope you feel better ! drink lots of vitamin c! that's what my grandpa always used to tell me. lol.

Jalene said...

oh no!!! the swine?? :(

feel better soon my friend. that is not fun business.

adri said...

blaa. swine flu. when my best friend had that, i felt SO so so so incredibly bad for her. she was miserable! so i can only imagine how horrible you feel. get feeling better, watch heavyweights! (have you seen that? it always makes me feel so happy.)

Girl with the Broken Smile said...

Aw, hope you feel better soon. Don't worry, the bad days always pass, even if they do take a while :)

Brittany said...

oh my. girl, i'm so sorry. being sick ruins life. but, you can do hard things. i think you are wonderful. don't stress about lunch...let's get together when you feel well ok? i'm texting you!

andrea said...

Oh no :( I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I got swine last year....it was horrible!

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