October 4, 2010

i've been the walking plague this past week, contracting every disease known to mankind.
but what's been worse than the flu, strep throat, and now a miserable cold all combined?
i'll tell you what.
alka-seltzer is by far the most detestable, revolting and horrendous thing i've ever ever ever tasted, and that's what i've been living off of the past 5 days. right now i'm convinced it's eating at the lining of my stomach.

but -- i didn't crawl out of bed to the computer and gain every ounce of strength i have to talk about alka-seltzer. and no, i didn't even get on to talk about zac efron, and how seeing him in me & orsen wells this afternoon reaffirmed my ginormous crush on this human being.

i'm getting on here to say that although this was not a part of my plans this past weekend,
at least there's hot chocolate and marshmallows in the kitchen,
and rain outside my window.

wishing you all a happy (and healthier) october!
it's my favorite time of year.


abby | ybba said...

awww even though you sound like you're having such a terrible week because you've been sick and taking alka-seltzer, a cup of hot cocoa on a rainy day sounds so comforting.

i hope you feel better soon {;

Jodie Eileen ツ said...

You just made me really want a cup of hot chocolate, a movie playing, and rain tapping at my window! :)

Kaleena J. said...

AGREED! it's awful. just.... awful.

Erny said...

aww...u poor thing. get better soon!

Michelle said...

I had hot chocolate today too!! And got to turn the heater in my car on! It was so joyous.

Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy this time of the year!!

Mandy said...

Kels- I am so sorry to hear you are sick. I will try to stop by later tonight, is that okay?

Do you need anything?

Brittany said...

So sorry you are sick! I hope your hot chocolate is keeping you warm. Happy October! I'm texting you for lunch! Soon!

Sara said...

I hope you feel better by now, I sincerely do *hug*

MyLittlePhotographs said...

so sorry you're sick but I'm also really thrilled to see you and Mandy are friends in "real life". Hope you feel better soon.

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