6 Months Shy.

January 21, 2010

I'm six months shy of my 21st birthday today,
(happy half-birthday to me!)

And I can't believe how old that sounds.

Since I happen to be the youngest amongst my group of friends,
(except one: Mr. Lewis, you beat me by three days...)
I guess I didn't think I would feel old,
since everyone else I know
is already one step ahead turning 22 in twenty-ten,

this all still sounds old.

and it makes me wonder...

When I was 15, I was sure a lot of things would have happened by now.
A lot, a lot, a lot.
And a lot has happened, but I was 110% positive,
absolutely convinced
that I would have stopped day dreaming by now, too.

however, that still goes unchecked.
because i still do.
before i fall asleep at night,
before a date.
or even during class when my thoughts wander
from the pages of my textbook...

and I'm afraid I still will, [daydream, that is]
even when I'm the disastrous old age of 21.

i hope that's okay.

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emily said...

ha. 21 is a great age. enjoy it :) well and enjoy 20 while you're at it.
now i'm sounding old :P

Kimberly said...

Whoo! Happy half birthday to you.

Jalene said...

i hope you keep day dreaming. you'll never get boring. ;) happy half birthday!

i'm almost 22 1/2!!! yikes! 23 sounds WAAAAAAAAY old.

Katrina said...

I was just thinking about this yesterday! Crazy! 21 is a big deal. But I know I'll never feel as old as I really am. You won't either. That's what's so great about you. You are wonderful Kelsie. Let's redo that Thursday night sometime? Tonight?

Mandy said...

21 feels the same as 20, sadly :) But happy half birthday!

Can you do something this weekend?

Anna said...

Happy half birthday!
And don't worry about daydreaming. For it is when you stop dreaming that you stop living! (and 21 is still very much so alive. ;) )

Maryx said...

Hey watch your mouth I'm turning 22 in 2010 as well!! Sheesh!!

Oh sweetie... can I tell you how it felt for me? ... It felt like I was climbing this huge mountain my whole life and when I turned 21 I was RIGHT at the top. Looking down. For the first time ever. Thing is... I was standing at the top wondering HOW THE HELL AM I GONNA GET DOWN FROM HERE??

And I've been free-falling ever since. Sometimes slowly sometimes quickly. Depends on the day.

Happy Half Birthday sweetie

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