I'd Like to Make a Toast to Love, Please.

January 19, 2010

Something caught the corner of my eye that made me smile
during dinner on Saturday night.

The couple next to our table ordered five cheesecakes.
and that's it.
and if you've ever been to the cheesecake factory,
you know how huge their cheesecakes are.

yet, they still ordered not 1, not 3...
but five.
and then halfway through,
they ordered a milkshake to share, too.

in honest-to-goodness awe of the situation,
my dear friend kylie and i came up with
3 main reasons why they were there in the first place,
(and we're really good at that sort-of thing, too)

1. he didn't get the job, and she was taking him
out to cheer him up. instead of ordering dinner,
she ordered 5 desserts for them to share,
just to make him smile.

2. it was their first date and he wanted
to make a really big impression;
so he took her to dinner just to order desserts.


3. they just happen to be in love,
and in love with cheesecake, too.

i noticed that they spent the rest of their time
passing the cheesecakes back and forth to each other,
rotating mainly between
oreo chocolate brownie and lemon rasberry.
(only managing to maybe eat 1/4th of everything else.)

& i imagine that it would have been the most
wonderful date in the world for them;
but for me, it was even more wonderful to see.

once the couple left, we made a toast to love.
because love is out there, and it's real,
and it's everywhere.
and sometimes, i forget that.

so you could say my weekend was wonderful.
we dressed up because we didn't have any reason to,
and we made toasts to love because
we were reminded to believe in it.
& i think that made me so happy, i even forgot to stop smiling.


Chloe said...

i love your blog.
this is definitely an amazing post.
i loved reading about that couple, it sounds like such a brilliant idea!:)

Shokoofeh said...

It was lovely! :-)

Farshad always tells me about Cheese cake factory, and I always wish to someday try it! :p


Carlita said...

a most perfect blog post. love and cheesecake. and it makes me want to go to an all dessert dinner immediately.

{just popped over from jalene's - hi!}

Michelle said...

aww that is so cute! Ordering and sharing all dessert for dinner is such a fun idea. Glad you toasted to love!

Yvonne said...

my absolute favorite part of this post was the very last paragraph.

thanks for the reminder that i should be giving myself everyday!

Brittany said...

I love everything about your weekend. You and Kylie seem like my kind of girls. Love makes me so happy. It is so out there.

p.s. I did really like The Cocoa Bean, but I agree with you. Really rich and a little too big. But the cupcake schedule is so perfect. Still...Sweet Tooth Fairy is my favorite!

p.s.s. Please bless we run into each other in Park City.

Maryx said...

Wow. Thanx for sharing. Everyone needs to be reminded of this once in a while. Or rather... Everyday.

Lizzy said...

That is the cutest thing ever! I went to Cheesecake factory for the first time ever last week in Vegas and I fell in love with it as well.

But we only got two slices unfortunately

Kimberly said...

I Like number 3 the best. The just happened to be in Love!!

Gabby said...

This post absolutely made me smile and sigh. So lovely. And I want cheesecake now.

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