Advantage #88 of Friendship.

January 22, 2010

kels + ky & sar+ the buried life
amounts to love.

and when you watch the preview above,
you'll probably cry.
just like we did.
(advantage #89 of friendship:
i don't have to cry over silly things alone)

so we started talking,
and got to thinking:
what are on our own lists?

-catch a firefly
-play tic tac toe with zac efron
-fly a kite at six in the morning
-drive across the golden gate bridge
-make an outfit out of bubbles

-meet michael cera
-shower in a waterfall
-walk through a car wash
-have a paint fight
-sleep in a cherry orchard

-ride in a hot air balloon
-join a book club
-go to the airport and buy a ticket for the next flight,
with no agenda whatsoever
-be in a movie
-sew a wedding dress

& that's when we started to think a little bit harder...

what if we devoted this upcoming summer to documenting
our own lives in attempts of trying to accomplish some
of our own "things to do before we die"?

luckily - sara happens to be a film major,
with some major filming & photography skills
(check her out here)
and is embarking on her capstone project within the
next few months;
which means... funding may just be possible.


i just knew 2010 would be great.

and ps. while we're talking about it...
whats on your list?


Anonymous said...

I love the buried life too!! those boys are babes.

Ash said...

I want to live somewhere close to the ocean, see Washington D.C.'s cherry blossoms in the spring, visit Greece and swim in the sea there, and backpack around Europe--most importantly, ride a bike around Switzerland. Maybe someday.

It would be SO COOL if you guys got to do that!

britt and jacob said...

hello! i just found your blog and think it is so darling! you are too cute. i love it!

Katrina said...

chills. all over.

yes. let's go on an adventure together soon. can't wait to hear your huge news. :)

Elza Ruth said...

kels.. there are 1000000 fire flies swarming my yard in PA.. absolutely beautiful at night. come over and we will catch them together

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