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January 9, 2016

It's been nine years (I repeat, nine years!!) since I first went out to school in Laie, Hawaii, but the second we stepped off the plane I told Max that it almost felt like I had never left. The North shore still feels like a home away from home in a million ways.

(sooo worth the $15 entrance fee to hike through waimea valley. unbelievably gorgeous!)

(Byodo-In Temple. I'm almost convinced that I need to go to Japan now. Max also dedicated most of his time here to finding people he could speak Japanese with)

(the chocolate haupia cream pie should be the only pie ever made anywhere ever)

(my old stomping grounds. we got to attend church while we were out there, and i told the lady sitting
 on the row behind us that I think the church is truest in Hawaii)

We did the usual touristy things of course, like visiting Pearl Harbor (which was especially moving for me this time) and the Dole Plantation (twice); but the highlights of course were spending 95% of our trip on the beach. Nowhere in the world are there beaches like the beaches on the North Shore of Oahu. Pipeline, Waimea, Sunset, Hukilau. Nothing else compares. And the food. Oh my heavens. I would no question be tan, fat and happy if I lived out there full-time. Ted's Bakery, Seven Brothers Burgers, The Garden Oven... I will happily admit I gained the freshman fifteen within five days.

Before we left for Hawaii, I made Max sign a contract (not kidding about this. I really did.) promising that this trip was entirely going to be about being with each other. No talks about medical school. No talks about debt. No church emails, work emails or bla bla bla. And it was by far the best 10 days for my adult life.

One night, after we were tired and sunburned from spending all of our time snorkeling and swimming, we laid in bed and talked about stuff. Random stuff. Non-important stuff. Non-life-changing stuff. And bam. Another snapshot for the memory books. And it didn't take place watching the beautiful Hawaiian sunsets, and honestly, something like that didn't need to happen on a Hawaiian vacation. It could happen anywhere. And that little snapshot proved to me (again) that it doesn't matter where we are, or where life does or doesn't take us, as long as I have Max around I'll be okay.

PS. We went swimming with sharks out in Haliewa, which really deserves a post of it's own, but in case I never get around to it I just want that HUGE fact out there: Kelsie Bingham went swimming with sharks.

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Sara Reed said...

I'm so glad I read this. I should read your words more often.
I don't let myself have regrets in life. But the one regret I do let myself have is the fact that I didn't attend BYU Hawaii with you. What in the world?! I love you and Max :)

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