November 11, 2014

Three years ago on this ever so fateful day (because for real: 11/11/11 only comes around once every 100 years), my best friend of all best friends came home from serving an LDS mission in Fukuoka, Japan. I remember it all like it was yesterday - and it was more wonderful and awkward (emphasis on wonderful and awkward combined) than anything I could have imagined ;)

Max and I met when we were fifteen years old = that's ten years with a zillion bajillion memories to choose from. But I still have to say that those two years Max served his mission, while both of us were growing up and gaining testimonies and having our own experiences worlds apart, will always be two of the best years that ever happened to us.

So in honor of today, please enjoy this extremely awkward video that Benjamin the videographer took minutes after we first saw each other for the first time in two years. As Ben said, quote: It was history in the making.

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Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

That was the cutest! You can totally tell how much you two like each other :) The person filming obviously knew too!

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