June 26, 2013

I'll spare you the disposable camera photos of me with braces in 1999 and instead (in honor of throwback thursday of course) share pictures of where we've been the last little while: the greatest place to spend in the summertime. Wallowa Lake.


We realized that next year will mark 20 years (!!!) of taking family trips up to the Lake. That means I was five years old when I started going... no wonder it feels like a home away from home! I will forever love the old cabins, the smell of pine trees, stretches of farmland, and overall the Americana feeling you get in this little town up North (which has the best ice cream ever ... not kidding!) These trips will never get old. And neither will our music videos :)

This place is just the cherry on top to summertime.


Jane Harman said...

this place looks incredible. and your pictures are incredible.

kylee said...

STOP IT. that last picture is unbelievable.

andrea brionne said...

beautiful photos! where is this lake at?

andrea brionne

Mary said...

Wow. Looks like the absolute best place to spend the summer. We have a lake place in the family and have recently started going every year again. Watching my kids play where I used to play as a kid....magical.

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