fathers day.

June 16, 2013

If I had to narrow down and count all of my best blessings on only one hand, I'd have to say four out of five of them would be some pretty special people (max, mother dearest, kenken you know) and of course, one of them would be my dad (he's the handsome tall one in the picture, hanging out with elder holland and justice clarence thomas. we often use this as our small claim to fame!)

Oh the lessons I have learned and continue to learn because of his love and his example; he'll never quite know how lucky I consider myself to be when I tell people that he's my dad and I'm his daughter.

Happy Fathers Day Dad! I love you.

--this video is really, really great. and yes, it basically made me cry.

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Kimberly Bonham said...

That is SOOOO cool! Love your blog! New follower!

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