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February 4, 2013

So I've lived in Utah my whole life and have never been to Lake Powell, Zion, Bear Lake, the Grand Canyon, whatever... growing up my family just preferred hotel rooms over camping and Disneyland over boating.

So when we decided to hit the road last weekend, Max wondered if we could go into Zion for a couple of hours. At first I was hesitant, and I was in no way prepared to go hiking, but he's pretty cute when he tries to be convincing, so I thought sure, why not? We maybe went on three hikes (and by hikes, I mean nature walks) and I took a whole lot of pictures, mainly thinking about Cars Land and how we should probably go back to Disneyland again this year (Thanksgiving 2013 baby!) But, I'll be honest: for living in Utah my whole life and never having visited Zion National Park (and never really having wanted to) I was definitely impressed. It's amazing to see in real life.

The rest of the weekend was splendid, too. My camera died quickly and I forgot the battery charger so since we are without photos, I will describe it to you instead: We watched rom-coms on my laptop (because in-room-movies are $15 dollars these days) and after eating out, we'd stop by the grocery store for dessert and diet cokes and bring it back to the hotel room just so we could sit in our pajamas and talk in bed. The only bad part was pulling in the driveway when we got home, and when Max announced, "Our trip is officially over!" I started to cry (a little bit) because I hate the end of getaways, even if they last only 48 hours.

But Beyonce performed on TV last night, and I made homemade Mexican rice that didn't taste too great but Max ate all of it to be polite, and then we sat in bed again eating cookies from a box talking about all that needs to happen this week... which is a lot. So the weekend was great. And I love being married to Max.


kylee said...

never been to lake powell?!?! you NEED to go! we're a hotels over camping family too... even when we go to lake powell.

Kerry June said...

i love zions, it blew my mind when i saw it for the first time!

Melissa Andrea said...

Oh, I LOVE Zion's! So gorgeous.

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