this weekend.

February 1, 2013

Like I said in a previous post, January has been kind of a blur of craziness and stress (that's an understatement, fyi) and I've never been more ready to kick a month to the curb. Although a lot of it is exciting and (still) developing, uncertainty has never been my cup of tea. So when Max surprised me the other night by casually asking, "So what would you think about taking off this weekend?" I couldn't help but think I married a mind-reader.

We resorted to the Magic 8 Ball last night, (we're still getting used to planning vacations without parents, I guess) and thanks to the answer "yes, definitely..." our plan actually solidified itself. And I packed 6 movies just in case.

Bed & Breakfast: I am coming to you.


molly jane said...

ohmygoodness. every single one of those are on my favorites list. sounds like a dreamy weekend :)

kylee said...

SLEEPLESS! AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER! ahhhhh i love love love both of those movies. more people need to know about an affair to remember.

Mandy said...

Where did you go? I love you and Max as marrieds.

Kelsie said...

@Mandy - We just went down to STG! And you should update your blog ASAP so I can know what is going on in your/Kevs life :) You two are three years ahead of us, and I feel like I can learn/prepare A LOT from you.

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