on a wonderful day.

January 28, 2013

On a wonderful day like today,
I defy any cloud to appear in the sky,
Dare any raindrop to plop in my eye
On a wonderful day like today.

On a wonderful morning like this
When the sun is as big as a yellow balloon;
Even the sparrows are singing in tune
On a wonderful morning like this.

May I take this occasion to say
That the whole human race should go down on its knees,
Show that we're grateful for mornings like these
For the world's in a wonderful way
On a wonderful day like today.

-- Anthony Newley - 1965

I am posting this at exactly 12:01 AM because as of one minute ago, Monday officially began. If you were to ask me about the last seven days, I'd probably say I'd rather not talk about it. My lip wax last Tuesday? Rather not talk about that either. And whether any of my major/minor end-of-January-crises are warranted or not, I'll take defying raindrops (or snowdrops) and 12:01 AM. 


Brianna said...

prettiest poem!
and I HATE LIP WAXES!!! But you know what's worse? Getting it THREADED. Like make your eyes water for a good 5-10 minutes worse. sheesh. for some reason I thought it'd be fun to try. Apparently it's better than getting waxed as in it doesn't RIP the skin off your face (I get my eyebrows threaded) but somehow the feeling of needles pricking your face (although it's just cotton thread) rather than one big rip of pain isn't much better. sigh. being a girl sucks some times doesn't it?
happy monday kels! I wish we had snowdrops here (:

Hailey Devine said...

Loved this late night (or early morning?) post!! I've also learned my lesson the hard way with lip waxes -OUCH! Cute blog btw!

Hailey Devine

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