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August 15, 2012

I really liked what Brittany quoted on her blog the other day, because it fits so perfectly well with the way I feel: You can never make new old friends.

I've talked about them before, and I'll talk about them again. Most of these people knew me and Max before we even dated. Most of these people heard about our first date (six years ago) the day after it happened, or were there to witness it themselves. They were the ones taking me to Wendys the night Max left on his mission, so I would eat a frosty instead of cry. They were there the day he got home, when I was so nervous I really almost threw up.

Words will never be enough for how grateful I am for this group of friends, because in so many ways, I am so much of me because of them. Their influence and example, their jokes, and their quirks, their secrets and their stories. Letting me feel and be a part of an amazing group of people.

Walking out of the temple and seeing the familiar and happy faces of so many extraordinary friends, made everything about our wedding day even better.

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Anonymous said...

Good lookin group I'd say :)

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