new kids on the block had a bunch of hits.

March 4, 2012

The start of a Summer to-do list:
Buy a swimsuit
Plan a cruise
See the coast
Read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (again)
Move to Salt Lake
and get a tan

Already started working on my summer to-do list after church today. One down, a few more to go... I can hardly wait.


Steph Romney said...

Uh, where did you find that one on the left?

Anonymous said...

move to salt lake is my favorite :)

love you sissy.

molly jane said...

Love the suits. Love the list. Can we catch up on everything soon???

kylee said...

when you move to salt lake can we become real life friends?

Kelsie said...

@steph - anthropologie! a little pricey, but if its as cute as it looks on, than its totally worth it.

@molly - i'm going to message you on facebook pretty girl! yes we need to get together to catch up. i think somebody is in love (and it's not just me! :)

Kelsie said...

and ps. @kylee - heck yes we'll be real life friends. i can't even wait. we better go shopping too so you can show me where you buy all your clothes!

whimsy said...

umm please share your new swimsuit!!

Jane said...

move to salt lake so we can be friends.

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