christmas confession session.

December 21, 2011

1. The man I spoke to on the phone yesterday afternoon who kept referring to his wife as "my bride" (who he married nearly 44 years ago) deserves everything he wants on Christmas morning.
2. Phil Dunphy, will you marry me?
3. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is now a movie? Time to confess: I didn't finish the book.
(side note: I cry in the trailer War Horse. Who cries in the trailer War Horse?)
4. I also cried at the Post Office on Monday morning. Something about seeing a line of cars all waiting to drop off Christmas letters and packages and then listening to I'll Be Home For Christmas as you drive away will do that to you.
5. All I want for Christmas is: you. Really.
6. Kylie and I called a long over-due girls night, which meant leaving the uno dolares theater early so we could talk. Instead, we watched parts of the latest Victoria Secret fashion show to encourage any sort of motivation we have for our new years resolutions.
(6.5 I still have no motivation.)
7. Half of my Christmas shopping was done completely online. Bless you Amazon.
8. If the boy who asked you to be his girlfriend when you were sixteen asks you again nearly six years later... It's even cuter than I thought it would be.
9. I miss my parents way more than I care to admit.
10. I read Christmas Every Day every year.

"Peace on earth will come to stay,
When we live Christmas every day."-Helen Rice

I love this season.


jalene said...

pretty sure i cried during that trailer too.

high five, sister!

Anonymous said...

you have a boyfrraaan ;) so cute! i love it! p.s. you just called me. p.p.s me and jess were making out i couldn't pick up the phone. p.p.p.s jess is in the bathroom so i'll call you now. p.p.p.p.s your present & max's just came in the mail today. you will love it. k calling you now love you bye!

kylee said...

umm lets get some deets on this boyfriend please!

BeccaKaryn said...

First of all, I want to say the exact same think Kenna did "YOU HAVE A BOYFRRANN!!" You are my favorite, and I'm SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU. Also, That star projector is amazing... def on my Christmas list as well, you always find the cutest stuff. ALSO, Kelsie, I think you're probably the coolest and most gorgeous person on planet earth and I'm glad I know you. All of those feelings came from reading this one post. Love you girl!

whimsy said...

he asked you to be his girlfriend?!! yes!!! and i miss you!! are you going to be with your cute parents for christmas? i sure hope so. merry chirstmas you!!!

Meridith Walch said...

You're ridiculous and I just got sucked into your adorable blog and you make me want to be a better person and I wish we could hang out more and I want to have a girls night with you when I get back out there and I don't mean to sound so stalkerish but oh well you deserve all the happiness in the world and I think you're fabulous. Could that sentence get any more run-onier? Love you my darling cousin!


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