sunny with a high of seventy five.

May 20, 2011

After trying the cinnamon pull apart bread at Great Harvest the other weekend, (the newest contender for the best dessert I've probably ever had) I decided to make my first loaf of bread - and not just any loaf of bread - but a cinnamon swirl loaf of bread.

I was hoping that it would put my mothers homemade bread to shame (nearly impossible) - so it was unfortunate that the dough tasted better than the actual bread. Regardless, I would give myself 7 out of 10 stars. 5 for trying, 2 for using less sugar than it called for (which is why it tasted more cinnamony than sugary) but 1 star for trying to be healthy. 7 stars.


We also discovered La Jolla Groves the other weekend (on a bike ride, of course) during one of our trips down to the Riverwoods. When we noticed the twinkle lights in the windows and the lemons hanging from the trees, we knew we would have to try it out.

So try it out we did! And in my most humble opinion? It smelled like lemons, we were allowed to order off the kids menu, and the water boy was super cute. 8 out of 10 stars.


And I saved the best for last, because the last is the best of all the game.

This drink machine has become our treat machine. We stop by every day on our way home from the gym, just so we can pick from 3,029,482,093,852,093 different sodas off the touch screen menu. And okay, there are actually only 101 options - but still... One hundred and one. From one machine. It's like the drink machine of the future. Our children will be a part of this sugar revolution. I am convinced Willy Wonka was the brains behind it.

And best of all? It's at Cafe West -- aka my home away from home. So it's kind of like fate again.
10 out of 10 stars my friends.

The end.


Griffin and Gretchen said...

sunny with the high of 75...o man now that song is stuck in my head! relient k right?
that bread looks delish!!!
that drink machine would make my husband's dreams come true! thanks for the tip!

emily said...

ben and i stopped at a random place in Connecticut just barely just so we could try out one of those coke machines. exciting.

adri said...

Is Cafe West the same as Sammy's Cafe? Cause I swear i've seen that before!

Jane Garner said...

that la jolla groves places looks so darling!! are you a diet coke fan? if so, the raspberry diet coke on that coca-cola machine is a-mazing!

Brittany said...

I really really adore how you make life so so fun! Seriously, I'm convinced you have mastered how to live life. I need a lesson!

Anonymous said...

Where in provo is that amazing drink machine?!

7upkels said...

@anonymous - it's at a place called cafe west. it's actually inside the utah valley hospital - haha. but hospital food isn't as bad as you think - and the drink machine is soo worth it!

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