lilac bushes make me happy, as does the lion king.

May 20, 2011

I've lost everything: my job, my future, everything people think is important, but I don't care - because even if I have to dig ditches for the rest of my life, I shall be a ditch-digger who once had a wonderful day.-Hello, Dolly!

Is everyone else getting as sick of me talking about my bike as I am? It's why I included another quote. It makes up for my repetitiveness.

But lets be honest for just a minute: People have their blogs to talk about their happy spouses, their darling children, and even their Vogue-worthy wardrobe.

Unfortunately, I own none of the above.

But I do have a bike named Thelma.
I have a best friend named Kylie.
And I have a whole summer ahead of me.*


*this summer including, but not limited to: finding the ice cream man, racing newspaper boats down the river, trying every soda at Blickenstaff's, sliding down the blue slide (the biggest one!) at 7 Peaks, performing The Circle of Life at Muse Cafe, crashing Heaston's wedding (...kidding), and going to a baseball game.

That's all I ask for now. Well, that and lilacs, and I only say lilacs because it compliments the pictures above, and because there are no such things as forget-me-not bushes.


Mary said...

Yep - blogs are for documenting whatever we have that makes us happy, so keep writing about your bike!

andrea said...

and you gotta post about what you love! that is why i read your blog. it's great. :)

M. said...

adorable post! i hope this summer is wonderful for you!

Colton said...

When is dear Kylie getting married?

Emily Meyerhoffer said...

Oh goodness, that Colton comment was me. Sorry!

Jalene said...

oh my gosh! that bush is beautiful! and i want a bike like your's. so cute!

Katrina said...

gasp. This flowers are to die for. PLEASE give me your address so I can send you a wedding invite? I need to see you at least at my reception.

allie margaret said...

so cute, im so excited for summer! annnd every time you post about your bike i get a little bit jealous


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