rain rain go away.

April 19, 2011

The rain after a glorious weekend,
the melt-your-brain studying for finals morning, noon and night,
10 minutes late to a final this morning... 10 minutes late to a final? might as well have worn a sign on my forehead: most worthless student ever.
and most especially... the fact that I completely erased everything on my hard drive. think: five hundred thousand videos and pictures... gone. I hyperventilated, and then I sat on my bed in a state of denial, completely emotionless for an hour.
In other words, the start of this week hasn't been so great.
And I'm still in a state of denial.

Luckily, there have been a few things that have cheered me up despite the rainy weather and my significant/tragic loss, so I thought I'd share just a few:

-Another one of our "Eat Pray Love" nights has been scheduled for the weekend. We experimented with this idea a few weeks ago, and all this simply means is: we ate, we prayed (well, we basically just blessed the food) and we loved our love movie of choice. Usually we celebrate the end of winter semester by tagging suicide rock, but the rainy forecast might call for a rain check, which is fine when you have nights like these.

-I just found out that Josh Hutcherson will star as Peeta in the upcoming movie trilogy: The Hunger Games. I'm already in love with the character, now I'm in love with his face.

-A YouTube classic. It's funnier after the sixth and seventh and eighth time you watch it.

-Gah. I spent more than I should have, but I just fell in love with my summer swimsuit. Anthropologie, you can do no wrong.

-Three Cups of Tea. I call it, my first reading book of the summer! (even though spring semester starts in a week and I have another 6ish weeks of schoolwork to go)... regardless, the name will stick. Has anyone else read it? In some ways it reminds me of The Kite Runner -- but I think I might like it a tiny bit more. An English Professor recommended it last semester, and I am thoroughly enjoying it already.

-Oh, and lets not forget: we have a holiday to celebrate! Easter Sunday in my book means a fancy brunch of some sort (and by fancy I mean blueberry muffins and orange juice), and maybe even a new white summery dress. I'm mainly looking forward to spending time with friends and family; I think we might even make a trip up to see The Spoken Word on Sunday morning, which is always a special Sunday thing.

-And finally... a new kindred spirit has emerged in my life. We kind of have a funny past, but after he told me we could go see JB in theaters again tomorrow night... well, now we're friends forever, I say.

So perhaps losing one gabillion memories isn't as bad when you can at least look forward to making another bajillion more. Either way, lesson learned.



Mandy said...

Love the suit. And I am happy about your new kindred spirit :)

Griffin and Gretchen said...

bah! that video is hilarious! i am also excited for josh hutcherson. perfect peeta

Katie said...

Josh...mhmmm. I read three cups of tea last year and I really loved it. It's an amazing book.

Jodie Eileen ツ said...

I did not know the Hunger Games were going to be a movie. Until now. I went into spaz/party mode. I am excited (:

kylee said...

i've never seen that speed bump video before. how that one managed to slip past me is beyond me. funniest thing ever. watched it like five times in a row. loved the kite runner. a thousand splendid suns was even better.

Jan said...

Wow...sorry about losing all your memories. The positive is you can always make lots more. Hope the rest of your week is fabulous.

Lily said...

Hope you did well in your finals! And Josh Hutcherson will be a brilliant Peeta- no doubt :)

Bon Bon said...

Eeek. The first few paragraphs of this post were a bummer! Hard drives and technology don't mix well with me. Thankfully, life has plenty of other things to make us smile again! xoxo

Piril Maria said...


♥ Love,

Jodie Eileen ツ said...

Hmm, so I already commented on this post, but I have a question. What softwear do you use to edit your videos? I use windows movie maker, but it won't let me upload that video to my blog. Any suggestions?

7upkels said...

@Jodie - I've used iMovie and windows movie maker... when you save it, try saving it so it's compatible with you're computer (rather than DVD or something like that) and upload it to vimeo or youtube. the video uploader blogger has to offer isn't the greatest :)

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