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November 18, 2010

If you and I, (whoever the imaginative you may be) were to sit next to each other at a bus stop this very moment, and start talking about the weather, and (if you're a student) our majors, we'd probably also discuss the following:

1. Zac Efron is so cute.

2. I told a friend that the beautiful sunset last night meant that we were going to win the basketball game. (Naturally, he didn't believe me - but I said if BYU won, I would dedicate a blog post to it. So here it is Wesley dearest: I was right.)

3. Speaking of BYU...You are a funny school. Reading the editorial section this morning in the Daily Universe about "the sanctity of marriage" - and reading a letter to the editor from someone who met his beautiful wife within a week of getting home off his mission, ended up getting engaged 3 weeks later, and after 11 months of marriage, he's found success in life with a wife whose now pregnant with twins...well, this just reminded me that although grateful to attend such a great school, (hey - at least we have Jimmer) I will never cease to find some of your quirks...well, really strange.

4. I've admitted it before, but I like to argue. And maybe argue is the wrong word, but I like to debate just about anything... and I mean anything. Whoever I marry one day will probably reconsider our marriage once or twice because of this inherited trait (yep dad, I got it from you) but truthfully, I can debate for hours. I even had a few good arguments accumulating in my head just while reading the editorial section of the newspaper this morning, (reference back to #3) - it just happens.

5. I'm now onto the second book: Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. Surprise, surprise, I love it. And yes, I have voiced several times, (even to a lady at the post office) "I really don't know why it's taken me so long to start reading these!" -- now if only my HP friend wasn't living in Japan, I'd hug him and kiss him and thank him a million times over for those books.

6. I have specifically planned an hour every day this week to reading whatever I want. No text books, no school work, I just turn off my cellular device and I sit and I read. I think heaven will be me reading by a fireplace all day, every day, with a handful of peppermint sticks.

7. Candide (Voltaire) = Best book ever, I promise.

8. Skip.

9. I've used the phrase je ne sais quoi three times this past week within casual conversation, (once to myself) -- and I've gotta say, I will always regret not sticking with French. And piano. But you can be sure that the day before I die, I will be a French speaking, piano playing woman. Mais oui.

10. "Kelsie Christensen...BYU Daily News...Provo..." - just say it to yourself out loud, three times, and tell me if it was not meant to be?

And then, at the close of our conversation, I would tell you to go onto YouTube and watch this video once you got home... and it's not just any video, but it's one of those Christmas-feel-good-yes-you-might-just-cry kind of videos.

And yes, I know Thanksgiving is another week away, and yes, we have another month to go til Christmas, but my holiday season started November 1st.

Cheers to the most wonderful time of the year!


emmakaren said...

it made me tear-up! And yes, Heaven will be reading books by the fire. :) Ah, sweet perfetion.(And, BYU does have the ODDEST stories!)

Brittany said...

I don't ride the bus, but if I did, this conversation would make my day. So glad you're not a Christmas in November hater. So happy you love Harry. And broadcast journalism? New major?

Mary said...

Very fun post, although I'm not even sure I know who Zac Efron is. Does that make me old? Whatever. I like debating too, although I tend to avoid the really hard ones (religion, politics), at least with certain people whose minds I know are closed to new ideas. Happy you're enjoying Harry!

Marcus Morrison said...

you guys need to stop worshiping jimmer... as wes says "thou shall not worship any other gods before me"

good seeing you last night kels ;)

syd and spence said...

i love that video...and i wish i was sitting next to you at the bus stop, i would have enjoyed this conversation!

andrea said...

i second "syd and spence's" comment. one day maybe we will have a delightful bus conversation. :)

beautiful video too. i am so looking forward to Christmas!

abby | ybba said...

i don't want to be part of the crowd when girls go gaga for zac efron but i will now admit and i'll only say it once... i do think he has looks . lol.

harry potter is good right? i think ill be reading the 5th one soon. it's been a long while since i've last read a harry potter book. sad part is... i don't even remember the stories anymore. but i'm so glad that you like it and you're making use of the books that your friend gave/lent to you. i really have never met anyone who doesn't like harry potter. lol. welcome to the harry potter lovin' crowd!

Jerusalem Thing said...

7 indeed!! Candide is a killer book. I was so taken by it that I created it in PDF form and added footnotes from Wikipedia:

Michelle said...

yay! I was just wondering how you liked the book! I just got back from the midnight showing of part one, and it was amazing, but never as amazing as the book!!'

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