May 2, 2010

here's to my summer starting off a lot like this.

(this includes, but is not limited to the following:)

riding my bike all the time.
going to california.
eating, sleeping, breathing otter pops again.
turning 21.
finding a drive-in movie theater.
reading on lazy afternoons.
enjoying yet another summer
(in apparently)
"the most boring place in the united states"
(haha - reading that headline on friday made me laugh)
listening to the beach boys.
starting a picnic/book club.
and waking up early enough to watch the sunrise.

can you tell i'm getting excited for the summertime?

(and yes, i am a justin bieber fan)


emily said...

1. otter pops are the best. we have to order ours online because d.c. doesn't carry them, but it's so worth it.
2. there is a drive in movie theater in west valley city.
3. i hope your summer is lovely.

whimsy said...


Michelle said...

sounds amazing!

haha I think it's funny that the article about boring towns referred to Stockton! I didn't realize the whole country makes fun of Stockton, it's only like an hour from my house I think!

Ruth said...

Um, can I please join your picnic/book club, too? It sounds perfect.

Brittany said...

mmm...i love your summer. picnic/book club sounds amazing and maybe turning 21 is freaking me out. you seem to be a bit more graceful about it.

Lizzy said...

Yay! i'm jealous of everyone whose summer's have already begun. One more week and then mine will too!

P.s. I'm so excited you got a new bike. You will love it.

Mandy said...

Your bike looks so fun! Good work putting it all together. I want to be a part of the picnic/book club!

ashley lauren said...

On my top 10 list of things I will most while I'm in the MTC: Your picnic/book club. (I'll ignore the fact that I wasn't officially invited anyways, haha).

Nishant said...

sounds amazing!
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adri. said...

Haha. I love this post so much. I can't wait for the weather to be nice so I can start my summertime! I went to a drive in movie up in Riverdale last weekend, so if you're willing to drive an hour and 20 minutes, you should definitely go! :)

Katrina said...

sign me up for your picnic/book club. really.

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