i can ride my bike with no handle bars.

April 29, 2010

(attempting to build our bikes - with protective goggles of course)

my bike finally arrived this past week, and as i anxiously opened up the box and started unpacking the various bits and pieces, i became slightly discouraged when i read the following instructions:

"1. remove the protective cap from the handlebar stem and loosen the centre bolt using a 13mm spanner. MTB models may use a 6 mm Allen key bolt instead."

so because i lack in knowledge when it comes to 13mm spanners and the Allen key bolts department, (really, what on earth does that mean?) my friend heaston was able to come help us out - and has decided to name himself father of my bicycle which is why my bike has now been named the raptor.

anyway, (as unsurprising as this also should have been) unpredictable utah decided to snow on us last night so we were unable to take the raptor and eleanor (kylie's chosen bike name) out for a ride - however - i've learned that riding indoors at 11 at night can be just as exciting as a warm summers day. who would have thought?


Be one with the Fro said...

say what!!! hahaha that was in another language :) but your bike is gonna be soo nice and shiny when you finally take it outside!

ps - thanks for your comment! 18 dollars ... that is too funny :)


emily said...

how adorable. i hope silly utah stops snowing so you can get out and ride!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Don't you hate that it snowed last night?! AHHH! and this morning... and at all really...

Michelle said...

wait you didn't brave raptor's maiden voyage in the snow? haha just kidding, that's asking for a crash.

Can't wait to see her in full glory on a summer day picture!

Anonymous said...

Kelsie! This is Heather :) Sure wish I got to see you more cute lady.

Love your blog and love your goggles :) I expect to see you riding around Provo a lot on that beach cruiser this summer!

Jalene said...

haha. how cute. i want a bike soooo bad!

Brittany said...

this is probably the best thing i've ever seen. your goggles! i hope the skies clear up so you can ride soon!

and is DW better? i love it, and there is so, so much to do. but i really like the smallness and quaintness of DL. just a personal preference though.

whimsy said...

shouldnt they come with two pieces you just stick together?
thanks goodness for boys.

Nishant said...

how adorable.
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