love/hate relationship.

March 29, 2010

i have somewhat of a love/hate relationship
with "having a crush" at the moment,
and even typing that makes me cringe because
i sound like i'm in the seventh grade again;
but if i'm being honest with myself,
this matter-of-fact is frustrating my heart
and i thought it may be worth writing about.

this isn't love, this isn't anything like love -
but it is a crush and it feels like it's just
"as big of a deal" as it did when i was 12.

and this morning as i woke up with my stomach in knots,
butterflies going nuts,
and a complete lack of any control over my train of thoughts,
i decided that this is most definitely a love/hate relationship.

and depending on the hour (even down to the minute) of day,
i'd say that the "hate" part of the relationship
ranges from either 0-90% of it;
but then again, the same goes for the "love" part of it too,
i suppose.

is there any correlation between springtime and hormones?
i'd like to think so.

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Brittany said...

there is a correlation between sunshine and hormones.
proof: i fall in like/love every summer.

i'm with you on the pink hair thing. i actually ended up not going for just that reason. pink hair wasn't allowed at a classy bday party on saturday night.

Brittany said...
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Sara said...

I love that feeling!! But I've only recently had a crush on a stand up comedian who is on tour, and who I have never even talked to lol

Katrina said...

Girl. There is totally a correlation between springtime and horomones. Haven't you seen all those rings popping out all over the place? And all the weddings in April? Totally real. :) I hope you start liking this crush feeling...:)

Ruth said...

Thank God--I hope there's a correlation, if only to explain my own behavior!

Now, if only I can get my "crush" (wow, it really does feel like 7th grade again...) to reciprocate!

Carmella said...

haha, i love crushes, in retrospect :)
at the time it can be torture, but it is awfully nice to have one!

-i left you an award on my blog :)

Michelle said...

haha aren't they double-edged swords??

Crushes are an odd thing.... but they can be fun! ...except when they aren't, they really really aren't fun.

sydney said...

I've never thought about a correlation but after your post...there totally is! Summer romance means so much more to me now!

Lizzy said...

haha.. gotta love those love/hate relationships. Go get him tiger.

brittany barney said...

i am so happy you have this crush. i am sure he is crushing on you so bad. how could he not be??

adri. said...

haha, this is such a good post. i know exactly how you feel. crushes are so much fun, but at the same time it's like "SERIOUSLY!" wow. definitely a love/hate relationship.

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