Happy Day.

November 19, 2009

i get to eat here tonight.
with all my favorite people.
i may not have midnight movie tickets to see new moon like everyone else i know -
but i can now look forward to this wonderful food
that may just be able to replace my unfortunate loss of appetite for t&c sandwiches.

ps. last time we ate at in & out, we did this.
don't. try. this. ever.
stupid, stupid, stupid.


Mandy said...

I gave you midnight tickets?
And yay! I love In N Out. I'll have to eat there during my visit in December... :)

BakerGirl said...

Mmmm in n out.... I wish they would make theri way south... I had it in Arizona and fell in love.

Brittany said...

how was it??? the lines were crazy...even rivaling new moon, i think. even though i mostly grew up in utah, i feel like i have so much history at In N Out. wonderful place.

Jalene said...

hahaha. that video was radtastic. so funny.

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