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April 26, 2016

Max graduated from BYU this April with a bachelor's degree in Neuroscience, and to say I'm so proud I burst at the seams would be a gross understatement. Max is tremendously talented and in my opinion, naturally genius, but that's not to say he hasn't worked incredibly hard to get where he is today.

(i took zero pictures during graduation, and this was the only one my sister sent, which unfortunately won't upload all the way, and our faces wash out ... carry on, the quality will have to suffice for now) 

Over the course of commencement, convocation and all the other graduation activities, I felt a twinge of sadness deep down knowing that our chapters at BYU are officially ending. Max was my tie to that school, a reason to still visit campus and consider myself college-student-ish in a way. Luckily at a University of Utah banquet a few weeks ago, we met with other students and spouses who will also begin Medical School this fall, and I found myself a kindred spirit! When I learned he went to BYU for his undergrad, he whispered "I still bleed blue."Amen and amennnn brother. Always.

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Kenna Christensen Orgill said...

Well now that your sister and husband will both be going to the U you will need to bleed red eventually ;)

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