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February 24, 2015

I felt just a little bit honored when I received an email from Fight the New Drug asking for a bit of a shout-out about their organization on my blog.

Fight the New Drug started a few years ago with a group of people who wanted to raise awareness and combat the harmful effects pornography has in our world today using only science, facts and personal accounts. It's been gaining momentum ever since and thankfully people are becoming more and more aware of the dangers pornography has on it's users, and consequently their relationships as well.

While working within family law over the last year, I can attest to the fact that pornography continues to have an impact on 99.9999999% of the divorce/custody/or assault cases we see in our office every day. It's heartbreaking to sit in client meetings and hear pornography come up in one way or another, and further learn of the tragic and devastating effects it has had on couples, their children, and the individuals themselves.

While Max was at the University of Utah (have I mentioned he transferred to BYU last year? I consider this conversion one of my finer accomplishments ;) he was able to volunteer as a Chapter President for Fight the New Drug at the U and it has been something he is equally as passionate about as I am. The truth is: Pornography is an unfortunate part of the world we live in today - we are one click away from finding a pornographic image, video or forum online. But this is exactly why Max and I, and the people at Fight the New Drug, think it's just as important to spread the awareness for the fight against pornography - and it's just a click away too!

For more information, or if you're interested in becoming a fighter yourself, can read more about the fight here.

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