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October 20, 2014

I made Max promise me the other night to never, ever, ever, ever let me watch a scary movie again. We watched the movie Woman in Black (with Harry Potter? Have you seen it?) and I think I had a heart attack twice. I am to the age (?) or point in life (??) or whatever it is (???) that has changed the enjoyment I once had while watching scary movies to total and complete misery for days on end. I go to bed and can't help but think of the witch or ghost or whatever it was in whatever scary movie I watched and thus, I hate it.

So this Halloween I've taken care of my "scary movie fix" by watching Twilight Zone episodes instead. Below are a list of a few of my favorites (for any of you fellow non-scary-movie-goers!):

1. The Hitch Hiker - Hands down, this was theee creepiest Twilight Zone episode I've seen yet.
2. Eye of the Beholder.
3. Living Doll - "My name is Tina and I'm going to kill you." Hellllo.
4. Deaths-head Revisited - Although they have several episodes fixed around WWII and the holocaust, this one was by far my favorite.
5. The Invaders - I don't think there are even any words in this episode! It's that creepy!

So here's to a good ol' fashion fifties Halloween -- before there were ever movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Human Centipede (For real. I saw that movie at Redbox last week. What is happening.)

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