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June 15, 2014

Max and I are still teaching Sunbeams (the three and four year olds) in our ward. Some people imagine that this calling might make you go a little crazy after 18 months, but we're still going strong ;) Actually in all honesty, we absolutely LOVE it. The kids are the cutest and really, when you teach lessons like "I am grateful for fish" how can you not love what you do?

Anyway, when we get to class and have our own opening exercises we've noticed that the opening songs over the last few months have rotated mainly between Jingle Bells and Let it Go (I don't know one four year old not obsessed with the movie Frozen) So I thought I'd share a video of our little Alice passionately singing this solo:

CUTEST EVER. Alice also can't really pronounce words with the letter "R" which is why we may/may not have her recite every Sunday: "I really love my perfect purple wonderful family." Is this mean? Because it makes our day. Every time.

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