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January 8, 2014

Nearly every Christmas, (at least for the last thirteen years or so) one of the gifts I always give to my family is a "Christensen Family Year Book." It's just a recap of the year, with pictures and inside jokes documenting the big and little things that happened to each of us, and it's definitely become one of those gifts that get better as the years go by. There are just so many things I would forget if I didn't write them down!

As I was browsing through some of the older yearbooks on Christmas morning with Max, I noticed that in April 2000 I had included "Dream Street broke up." It was a significant day in the lives of a nine and eleven year old who had taken a vow of silence because our lives were "officially over" and our dreams of Kelsie Trousdale and Kenna Galasso were again, "officially over." We used a piece of paper to "communicate" to each other (and our parents) that day, and my dad had said that in order to have dinner that night we would need to "speak like adults." We went without dinner. Of course I still remember that day, but reading the details only an eleven year old could have written made me so grateful I started these yearbooks in the first place!

So as I thought back on 2013, I didn't even know where I could begin. Ups and downs, so many questions (and prayers) answered, little things and big things, like getting the best job (with the best law firm) I could have ever asked for, Max a year closer to finishing his undergrad, and being surrounded by family and some of the best kinds of friends.

As I thought about 2013, I realized that there are a countless number of things I am so grateful for, and let's be honest... a few things I'm glad are over too ;) Unfortunately there were no boy bands or vows of silence this year.
Maybe next time.

As for 2014, I've put a lot more thought and consideration into my own resolutions and goals. It's already been a great start, (this app has been a HUGE help!) and I'm so excited to see how life continues to unfold. I hope your holidays were wonderful. Now onto 2014!


Jane Harman said...

this picture is darling! were you somewhere warm for nye?

Falling Up said...

poor jared. haha.

Becs said...

Kelsie, you are such a wonderful writer. I love the story of your vow of silence for Dream Street ha ha. Happy New Year!

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