seriously the happiest place on earth.

November 25, 2013

Somehow I managed to convince my parents a few weeks ago that our family was in desperate need of a trip back to Disneyland (although lets be honest, when it comes to Disneyland they never need too much convincing :) And I know I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again and again: Disneyland is the happiest-est place on earth. And when you add the holidays and twinkle lights and the smell of peppermint on Main Street, USA? Well, my heart explodes.

Above are just a few of the photos I snapped on my phone, but I think I took about a thousand. My all-time favorites still include: Peter Pan, Splash Mountain, and all of New Orleans Square. New highlights had to be Aladdin the Musical, watching the holiday firework show from a boat (!!!) on Storybook Canal, and the twinkle light fireworks above our own beds at the hotel! Who comes up with these things??

Until next time, I'll be missing every single last bit of it.

ps. especially excited to see this movie now!
pss. download this app next time you're visiting. time/live saver. 


My name is Lydia said...

you snapped these with YOUR PHONE?! what phone do you have??!!

Mary said...

I love that you love Disney as much as I do. Definitely the happiest place in the world.

Brittany said...

You know how much I love this. One day, let's go to Disney together.

Lauren said...

Coming from someone that worked there for 6.5 years, I 85% think it's the worst place ever. 25% ONLY loves it during Christmas time. Favorite.

Lauren said...

If i could do math it would be 15% of the time.

Jane Harman said...

okay you are seriously a really good photographer. i can't believe you took these with your phone!

Brianna said...

1) so mad you didn't tell me you were here!! ;)
2) so so pretttyyyyy.
3) Isn't the Aladdin musical SO GOOD?! I saw it to kill time when I was there for the 24hr day (seriously) and looooved it

Kelsie Bingham said...

@Brittany - Disneyland together? Yes please. That would be so fun. Lunch in the meantime? Double yes please.

@Brianna - Your life in SoCal is still my dream life. Next time you need to take me everywhere that you love because I think I would love it too.

his little lady said...

These pictures are so magical! I love going to Disneyland during the holiday season! These pictures turned out great from being taken on your phone!
xo TJ

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