October 8, 2013

This fall has brought a new routine, new jobs for us both (... can we pause for just a moment so I can express how much happier life is when you have a job that you love) and on top of new jobs, new classes for Max, and new furniture for me (I would have never believed there would come a day I would like shopping for furniture more than clothes!) And last but not least, the new season of fall which has won me over with its changing leaves and cozy sweatshirts and caramel hazelnut steamers.  I think I've already stopped by Starbucks three times in the last two weeks because they are just so good. Some of these pictures above were taken a few weeks ago on our "first unofficial day of fall" which helped me get over summer, just a little bit :)

In other news: Max & I are both wearing face masks right now. Yes, I convinced Max to try it with me when I told him his skin will glow after fifteen minutes (the box said so). We look like ghosts and I told him we should do the same thing on Halloween, except he said no, probably not.

We also just booked a cabin for the weekend in Park City, which has me counting down the hours -- not only to get away, but to be under the same roof with a group of friends for more than just an hour at Red Robin. The only thing I don't like about growing up is when it takes a month to see some of your best friends again because everyone is busy, busy, busy.

And last but not least: this past weekend was so great. For those of you who tuned into General Conference, I think that this was my favorite talk.

There is so much more to say, of course, but it's 10 PM and Max and I need to watch an episode of Modern Family and talk ourselves to sleep. Wishing anyone who reads this neglected blog anymore a happy fall day, wherever that may be.


allie margaret said...

love all your posts, alway. even if your blog is neglected. happy fall!

kylie said...

isn't the canyon gorgeous right now? your pictures are lovely.

Staci Cooper said...

these pictures are beautiful! fall wins me over every year! happy fall!

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