April 3, 2013

I've always been back and forth with Facebook, but have had an Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging account for a long time. My sister recently told me about Tinder... which is past my time at this point, but to be completely honest with you, we think its awful. Anyway, after one long talk with my Grandma a couple weeks ago I decided to forego all of social media for a little while, which is why over the last month [or two] I haven't been on my blog as much either.

There are pros and cons to what all of the above has to offer, but I'd be lying if I said that taking a break from all of it wasn't great... because it was. It might all just be in my head, but I honestly felt like I actually had more time in my day to read, spend time with people I care about, think about things worth thinking about, and so on. I had started to notice that over the last little while whenever I had a free minute or two I would usually grab my phone and check my readers, news feed, etc -- and I got so annoyed with myself for being one of those people who knows whats going on with people I don't even know (or pinning recipes I know I'll never try!) or even worse, doing both of these things while I was with other people.

Rant over. But whether you love or hate social media, I'd highly recommend taking a break every now and then. It's nice not knowing or pinning or posting every once in a while.

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Mary said...

Yep. Breaks are good. Limits are good too. Sometimes I'll limit myself to check facebook and blogs only at night. Or I'll set a time limit. I also went through my reader last week and scaled way back only to the blogs I truly love and gain inspiration and connection from. (Yours obviously made the cut!)

There are positives and negatives, of course. I'll keep trying to get the positives and limit the negatives as much as possible.

Jane Harman said...

i took a break like that a few months ago and it was so nice. i think social media is fun, but at the same time it distracts you from the things that matter most. it made me depressed sometimes because you focus on the best parts of other peoples' lives instead of your own! i hope you never abandon your blog because it's my fav.

Emma Karen said...

I completely agree. Last week, I got on facebook for grand total of about thirty minutes total, and it was glorious. This week, I'm back in the constant checking rut and I hate it. Here's a vow to start fresh and rid myself of silly habits! Well said!

Brittany said...

Amen. Sometimes it's nice to just be a person, rather than writing about being one. You know? I like the new look, girlfriend. And I never wrote you back. Aaaa so sorry. Lunch/dinner? Yes? Is there where we are in the conversation? Haha, so sorry.

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