The Green Dragon Inn.

January 10, 2013

So for our last and final trip, we ventured back to Hobbiton. I've already shared pictures of what our experience looked like from the last time we visited, but this year was a real treat solely because of:
1. Our cute little old tour guide, and
2. The Green Dragon Inn.

 (Samwise Gamgee's cute little hobbit house!)

The Green Dragon Inn 

The Green Dragon Inn was just finished in December 2012, so if anyone is planning on a trip to the Shire any time soon... You're in for a real treat. After the tour, you actually get to go have drinks (on the house!) at the Green Dragon Inn for some real honest-to-goodness (nonalcoholic :) ginger beer. I honestly felt like I was in a LOTR movie, as we sat around the table as our tour guide told us stories of Middle-earth. It was never on my bucket list before visiting, but it definitely felt like a once in a lifetime sort-of experience. (And truth be told, the pictures hardly do it justice)


Jess said...

Oh my goodness that place looks so cute!

Jane Harman said...

this trip looks amazing!!! richie looooves the hobbit.

michelle elaine said...

this. looks. dreamy.

Lexie and Brayden said...

aaaw this place is totally on mine and my husbands bucket list! :) so pretty cant wait to go there!!!

Kerry June said...

this is amaaazing, i want to go!

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