napkin notes.

October 10, 2012

Max started leaving 'napkin notes' lying around the apartment once we got married, (closest thing to a post-it note I think he could find,) and it's been one of my many favorite parts about our newlywed days. I usually pride myself in being "the clever one," but if I'm honest, Max certainly takes the cake - especially when it comes to these.

Today's napkin note was taped on my bathroom mirror when I woke up, and I nearly squealed with joy when I saw it! Max knows I never take anything Disney-related lightly, which is why I have a Disneyland fact sheet, Disneyland playlist, and Disney fruit snacks all waiting for us in the car. I'm absolutely convinced that Max will be the best Splash Mountain buddy I could ask for, so if only I could get him to wear this costume (he refuses), I'm pretty convinced we'd make a great Mickey and Minnie pair at the Disneyland Halloween party, too :)

So we're off to sunny California and the happiest place on earth! Hope you have a wonderful week!


Lex said...

So, so fun! Hope your trip is fabulous!

Brooke Mosman said...

Oh my heck! Jelly fish! Have the best time ever.

Jess said...

Oh my goodness, Disneyland would be AMAZING!!! Hope you have a awesome time!!!
And I agree you and Max would be a great Mickey and Minnie!

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